Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Had my first appointment in a MONTH today! (Not too happy that it was this long in between, but what can ya do)

Weight is good, I'm up to 31lbs gained for this pregnancy so far... not terrible, but I am already ready to get to the gym and start working it back off.

Blood pressure is good... sugar was low in my test, but yep I knew that... baby's heartbeat was at 150bpm and I am measuring between 36-37 weeks, so a little ahead.

Lieut. Summerville didn't want to check me this week because she was afraid that if she did, it would "stir up" things too much-well, I'd be ok with that-but they will check next week for any progress. She said the baby is definitely really really far down and in position though, and she thinks she will definitely be here early.

Last night we were at our friends' house watching a movie... we had to leave because I was having such sickening back pain and contractions that were about 8 minutes apart. They come and go, but it's definitely changing and happening more often. It's nuts to think that I am due a month from today... and it's likely that she will be here sometime before that!

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