Monday, March 31, 2008


Just gonna get right to it... here's baby Haney!

I measured 8w5d, but they said to keep the same due date and to go with the 9 week info. So my due date is officially November 1st now. The heartbeat was so nice and strong, 171 bpm... it was so sweet looking at it beating on the screen! The little guy or girl was moving around in there and everything, no more webs on the fingers!

I emailed the pictures to Patrick, and he is going to go up to the library now to see them... I can't wait! It just makes me feel so much more at ease having seen the little bean now :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I'm sure if you hear another post about me being sick you'll scream.
Well I am about to.

I've gotten to the sneezy phase today-where every sneeze makes my head throb.
I'm usually such a sucker when I get sick and I go right for the allergy meds and the amoxicillin/z-pack...
This time I've done my duty. Drank lots of water, eaten lots of chicken noodle soup (annnddd drank all the broth... draggg...) and the cheap vanilla ice cream for the nausea. I've gotten plenty of sleep. BOUNCE BACK, self! This is going to be one long, rotten weekend if I don't. I need to be ok by 9am Friday morning before I start out on 6 hours in the car.

In other news, I've lost more weight. I've lost 4lbs since I went to the doc for the first time, and am 1lb lighter than pre-baby. And my belly is still expanding. And it's so crampy all the time. I bet there are like five little suckers in there.

Well Sneezy McSneezerton is off to blow my nose for a few more hours while preparing to NOT sleep another night... whee!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Is there anything "dangerous" to the baby if I get sick at this point? My sinuses are majorly draining and I can already feel the usual throat/upper respiratory infection starting (it happens a time or two a year, so nothing shocking) ...I am going to try and nurse it myself-lots of water and I have some decaf tea-blahhh... it would just be a long day if I decided to go to the doctor tomorrow (as a walk-in I usually wait at least four hours to be seen-they have one scheduled appointment every hour, so there's always a few week wait to get one)... aacckkk. I'd rather sit at home.

In other news... It's too uncomfortable now to sleep or lay directly on my belly. It's a growing! Only one more week till the ultrasound!

Friday, March 21, 2008


I want any or a combination of the following:

-Cici's cinnamon rolls
-Tortilla chips and a refried bean/sour cream mixture
-McDonald's french fries
-Green olives (oh those would be yummy with the chips/beans/sour cream mix)
-Quesadilla from Applebee's
-Ruffles (regular) potato chips and French's onion dip

Unfortunately any or all of these would require me to get dressed, get in the car, and go to the store...THIS is the purpose of husbands! I think the Marine Corps should supply me with something supplementary while he is away. Though that is in my dream world, and in my dream world he would never be gone at all.

Oddly enough, with all these things I am craving and eating (mostly salty stuff) I've actually lost a few pounds... I gained a little at first, but now I am back down to what I was actually before I went to the doc the first time. I know this is normal, I just think it's goofy because my belly IS expanding (I went up a size in pants this past week)... but I am in that awkward phase that makes me look like I am just gaining weight-it doesn't look like a baby yet.

I have to munch on something... I am actually really hungry because dinner consisted of 2 Eggo waffles and that's it. Oh, what to do!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


What do the old wives tales say when you are sicker at night than in the morning? Boy or girl? That's definitely me... usually I'm queasy and gaggy all day long, and just worse at night (particularly when I climb into bed... then it hits!) but today I was pretty ok this morning and all afternoon (another Nervous Nelly moment) and now it's back. I'm just curious... I've tried to look it up online but all I find is info about morning sickness and how to make it a little more manageable... THANKFULLY that has not been me, and I am pretty sure by this point I have been spared.

Kas thinks girl (her necklace trick says it every single time), the chinese tests I've taken online (well all whopping TWO of them that I have taken) say boy... for some reason, I think boy-but I think that's because the few times I've browsed around at baby names I automatically go to the boy list first, even though they are right next to each other, and I thought maybe that could be a sign-SO silly, I know! We won't start the guesses till it's public knowledge, which we've agreed will be when Patrick comes home, and I will be between 13-14 weeks at that point. I'm curious to see what people say as far as how I carry the baby too-but that's a ways away yet... as is the actual finding out... November seems a LONG way off at this point!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


All I can think about.
At getting close to midnight...
Is a turkey sandwich from Subway.
American cheese...
Some lettuce...
A glob of mayo...
The wonderful wonderful bread...
It doesn't make it any easier that Patrick is sitting in Subway as I type this.

Silly "foods to avoid" list!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Well Patrick is gone... and it might be a good thing! I don't know when the next time I will be able to make a square meal is... It's still rough going for the eating thing.

Although... I just spent a whopping $60 at Walmart... on CRAP.

Some of the items that graced my cart were a few cans of Spaghettios, Dinty Moore beef stew, the Stouffers and Lean Cuisine grilled sandwiches that I love, waffle fries, Luigi's Italian Ice... a couple of bananas... crackers for this weekend's trip.

I told Patrick about it, and he said it was fine-with everything in existence making me queasy (yesterday for dinner I had a waffle with butter on it, the night before I forced down mashed potatoes) I need to get some sort of calories down. I think that's why I was feeling so awful yesterday... I know I need to eat, I don't want to though.

One VERY exciting thing... I am trying to drink way more water and juice... and today the heavens opened and dropped down DIET Ocean Spray juice! I love juice, but the sugar in it is usually way more than my hypoglycemic self to handle... so I have a teensy glass here and there. But I found the sans sugar version today, and I grabbed a bottle of the Cranberry Grape, and I am a happy girl.

Friday, March 14, 2008


7 weeks is tomorrow.
7 is a good number.
Only a week away from 8 weeks... and I like that. It finally feels like we're getting somewhere.
It's so hard to believe that we've known about this for three weeks now... It feels like time is crawling, honestly.

I have been looking at week 7 stuff online today and I came across some interesting pictures...

this is a hand at 48 days (which is actually... today for me!)

and this is just three days later, which will be... Monday!

This is a little foot at 51 days (Monday)

And this is just nine days later, at day 60...

It's crazy to me how fast the baby is growing now. He or she is the size of a marble now... and though you wouldn't think it, my waistline is definitely expanding!

The first couple of weeks I ate like a hog... but now that I get queasy with everything, I don't eat too much... so at least I know it's not just me being fat. Honestly if I didn't have to eat over the next few weeks I wouldn't... nothing at all sounds good.

I of course know that I can't eat lasagna... but last night I made some homemade chicken parmesan (and oh my was it delicious) and I had eaten about half of it and it hit... and I couldn't eat another bite. I really need to eat some lunch, all I've had today is some oatmeal and the rest of the macaroni salad I made yesterday... but once I eat something, it doesn't sound good anymore. Strange, I know, and bad since I will be eating a whole lot of leftovers in the next little while! I'm sure it will settle down and go away.

Patrick and I agreed last night that I wouldn't send any pictures of myself to him while he's out in Yuma... he just wants to be surprised when he gets home. He gets back 7 weeks from now, so when I am almost 14 weeks, and I am guessing I will have a bit of baby belly by then... I can't imagine how it will be for him to see me now (pretty much the same as I have been since we've been together) and then to come back in almost two months to something possibly totally different! I am so curious as to how much I will be showing then.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Well I was still nervous nelly yesterday, because I wasn't feeling queasy... still. (although the only thing that sounded good for dinner was waffles... which I need to buy more of, because now they are gone.)

It hit me like a ton of bricks somewhere between the 1am and 4am mark... I thought I'd be doing this "not sleeping well" thing at the end of the pregnancy, but it seems to me that that's my fate from now until I deliver wee one... It's been the past three weeks or month now that it's happened... though I wonder how different it will be when Patrick goes to WTI and I will be sleeping all alone. I'll probably still wake up and make my bi-hourly trip to the bathroom, but won't wake up other than that (unless he calls at 5am our time, because of what his blasted job is again...)

But anyway, it hit me last night. I thought I was going to lose it there. It was more of a sick feeling than just queasy... but so far so good this morning, I have a really terrible headache so I wonder if that is a contributing factor.

Madre Haney booked her tickets for she and Brenna to come down at the end of the month for the ultrasound... I am getting really antsy for it, but thankfully it's a busy rest of the month till then so time should fly by.

Question of the day: is tuna fish ok to eat?? Sometimes I hear yes, sometimes no, sometimes it depends on the brand. I am DYING for some macaroni salad, and miraculously I have everything for it (I bought celery the other day in hopes that I will do some healthy snacking). You'd think that they would at least do the orientation part at the Naval Hospital early on, with the do's and don'ts of what you can and can't eat or do, since the first trimester seems at least to me to be the most sensitive. But, way to go Naval Hospital, wait till we all screw up and see which ones of us miraculously pass week 9 and come to see you.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Today I don't feel any of the things that I have been feeling the past couple of weeks... which makes me incredibly nervous.

(Sorry if I annoy anyone by my constant fretting... the fear of what could always happen is not going to go away for a couple of months. Being this close, and having our biggest hope at least for awhile come true, would be complete and utter devastation...)

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Still trucking right along.

The queasiness has picked up moreso the past couple of days, and has lasted the entire day today, but I still haven't gotten actually sick, which makes me glad... perhaps I will be part of the lucky few!

My teeth, however, are doing this really strange thing, it started this morning on the way to church... if I breathe in or something, or even when my mouth is closed sometimes, my teeth will get this strange tingly sensation that I can't even begin to describe! It's followed with a queasy feeling in my throat... It's so strange and has been happening for, eh, the better part of 8 hours now. No biggie though, really.

I took a long nap while Patrick went to the gym and got a haircut, but I still feel like I could go to bed for the night. Pathetically, I will probably be there in the next three hours or so.

Aaaand... that's about it!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Welll... I officially don't think I am going to be sans morning sickness. It's looming... I can feel it. Yesterday I was sitting here on the couch afraid to move as I thought I was going to lose it, but it passed... and then this morning in bed I felt the same way. Whatever... if it's going to happen its going to happen... I'm sure though that I will feel differently if I can't keep anything down!

My digestive system is going down the drain... I've been up the past few nights with so much pain in my belly (sparing you details) so I am hoping that will go away. I don't know what it is that's causing it... maybe the lack of gallbladder combined with a wee one growing?

I've been looking around at belly pictures at random places online... they are so cute. However, you won't see any from me for awhile-the only pooch I have is my own! So until baby surpasses it, you'll just have to use your imagination.

I am really itchy for this just to be further along...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Pretty sure I really need to stop pigging out. Really. I am gaining mega weight, but I didn't think I was eating THAT much... gah, who knows, I need to get around and start walking or something. And tomorrow I am making a trip to the Commissary... lots of veggies for me to snack on. I need to get this under control... I am not fitting into anything! Pretty soon I will be in maternity clothes for the simple reason that I will be to fat to fit into my other stuff.

I got my referral for the OB... Guess where I am going? Stupid Naval Hospital. I did NOT want to go there, I do not like them, especially since my little visit there last fall when I had to sit there at the ER for 12 hours, mid-gallbladder attack, before I was seen. You don't even see a doctor till you deliver... I am not comfortable with that... I want to see the same person, every time, someone who knows me... RAWR. Who knows what will happen with my hypoglycemia... maybe it will make me high risk and they will send me into town? Who knows.

And that is another thing that irks me. I don't even go for my first appointment (which will consist of an orientation: paperwork, do's and don'ts, general what to expects... bloodwork, and my first ultrasound to confirm how far along I am. When is it? Not till March 31st! I have sooo-o many questions for the doctor, especially about how my sugar will be through this, and I can't go for four more weeks! Patrick is definitely going to miss this and my first actual appointment (which will be early April) and I am disappointed because out in town I am sure they could have squeezed me and my first ultrasound in before his departure. BLAH! As you can see, I am annoyed.

I still have not been sick at all... my mom said she wasn't sick with me though until about the middle of the second month... which is just about next week. I sleep terribly already though, and have been the past week or two-I am up every couple hours going to the bathroom, and I am always flipping and tossing and turning... I finally broke down and bought one of those Serta mattress toppers (and it is HEAVEN... kind of like sinking into a giant marshmallow) on (came with 2 pillows, the foam is 3 inches... total, with their two dollar shipping charge, was $125! I def recommend it!) and so we slept on it last night for the first time, Patrick woke up not hurting but I did, but I think that a) I need to get used to it and b) this might just be the nature of the beast... we all know how I have my lovely back issues, and so having a little one growing inside probably sure isn't helping me, no matter how small it still is. So I toss and turn for what seems like an eternity every night, hopefully that won't be how it is for the whole pregnancy.

I want to read some books... I am not as impressed with "What to Expect While Expecting" or whatever it is as I thought... it just has a lot of irrelevant stuff in it. I don't like to read and read about what might happen.. I know the signs, and I know what to do, and that's all I need to know. I am a worrier by nature and I don't want to think of that for the next month and a half... although once I pass the 13 week mark I will be a much happier camper. I might go to the library on Lejeune tomorrow and see what I can find... any suggestions?

Saturday, March 1, 2008



I swear, I have the appetite of a wild boar... and I am beginning to look that way too!

My pants are getting a little more snug... and since I'm still pretty much BARELY along, I'm pretty sure I can't blame it on baby...

And of course I'm off to eat lunch now, but I won't tell you what I am having... only that it consists of three separate dishes and a lot of carbs.