Friday, October 24, 2008

We're home!

We got home a little after 10 this morning, but with Patrick running around getting checked out for leave, picking up formula, going back up to the Naval Hospital to get the phone charger, getting the sheets washed that my water broke on, getting everything from the hospital put away... it's been a long day!

Here's the story of the past few days-and many thanks to dear Kas for updating thus far!

Wednesday morning (the MORNING AFTER the terribly depressing OB appointment) Patrick left for the gym and work at about 445... a little after that I woke up thinking I PEED myself. I seriously thought, oh GREAT, how am I going to explain this one to Patrick... I am almost 25 years old and I just peed myself in my sleep! So I threw a towel over the spot after I cleaned myself and changed and hopped over on his (dry) side of the bed... and I could feel it happening again, but I was half asleep so I didn't know if I was seriously losing my mind and bladder control or what. Then I went back to bed again... happened again. It seriously happened a good 4 times before I was like ok... this is NOT pee, my bladder doesn't even hold enough to go this much in a half hour... so I called the Naval Hospital, they said to come in, and after sitting in Lejeune traffic for an eternity I finally checked in a little after 8 and yup, sure enough, it was my water! We were both in complete shock-especially knowing that since my water had broken this baby would be here within the next day.

I was dilated only 1cm, not having any contractions noticeable to me or that were making any sort of normal pattern. They hooked me up to everything under the sun and sometime around 9 or 10 I started on a teensy bit of Pitocin, and that was enough to jumpstart my body into labor. By noon I was 3-4cm and in quite a bit of pain so I got my epidural, an hour later it was still not kicking in at all (only making them seem shorter, not taking the edge off) and so the anesthesiologist came in to give me more something but wanted me checked first-holy crap I was at 9cm and almost completely effaced, just a little ridge to go, and 15 minutes after that was pushing, and she popped out an hour and 15 minutes later! I didn't even KNOW she was out till they were talking about her arms and head! It really wasn't that bad at all... I know you folks who had long or hard labors will hate me, but gosh it really was quite simple... I know I'm lucky! I did tear though, 2nd degree, inside and out. That does hurt.

Patrick is wonderful and amazing. He held one of my legs and counted my pushing, he clipped the cord, he was right down there watching the progress (when he swore he wouldn't!) I catch him staring at her, tearing up a little sometimes... she's got him so wrapped around her finger already. He's an awesome, very very loving daddy, and it's going to break my heart even more now when he deploys in a couple months.

Evie has taken great to her so far! She was VERY excited to see me home-I went to greet her first, and she must have known that the baby was out of my belly because the FIRST thing she started to do when she saw me (I was kneiling on the floor) was kind of pile-drive her body across my belly-just rubbing herself all over it! It was pretty hilarious, and I'm interested in hearing the dog-philosophy behind that (Sue-any words from the dog genious?) But she was VERY good at being gentle with the baby, and not going too far when she was being changed or getting her jammies on. Patrick took a little hat of Maya's home the first night, so Evie has been familiarizing herself with Maya's scent. I have a feeling they'll be the best of friends... it's so funny though, Evie looks like a GIANT compared to the baby!

I love being a mommy of course-it's all been surreal till now, really, but now that we're home it's going to be a blast and I am so so very excited for it. I am looking forward to tomorrow when we've had a good sleep in our own beds (she is thankfully a CHAMP at sleeping) and I'll hopefully be a bit less sore. I'll post pictures tomorrow too :) Time to go cuddle up with Patrick and stare at our beautiful little girl till its time for bed!


Nicole said...

Mandi- I'm so excited for you and Patrick right now! I remember the "new baby high" when Porter was born... so wonderful! :) Soak up that teensy baby-ness while you can... they grow SO FAST!

I'm glad your labor was pretty quick and easy!

I can't wait to see more pictures of Maya! ( middle name is Lee too!)

sue said...

Hi Mandi, so good to see your blog and know you are all home safe and sound. Evie knows everything that is going on, and allowing her to be a part of it all, will only make her want to bond even closer to Maya... they will be great friends, and corgis are wonderful dogs for children. You will probably find her doing all sorts of things like sleeping in Maya's room, wanting to be very close when she is out on the floor, and maybe even a bit guarding when people come to visit.... so, now you really have "two little girls"..keep us up to date as much as you can, and post those pics..... wish we were closer to be able to see her in person....

gage and mommy said...

Congrats Mandi and Patrick I am so happy for you!!

Sounds like your labor went well! I didn't tear but they did have to cut me! My hospital would give me those BIG huge pads and put them in the freezer and froze them for me!! It was wonderful to sit on that!!!! You can also do it with baby diapers!!

My #1 advice... which I didn't take myself until I realized I was trying to be SUPER woman... SLEEP when the baby sleeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOO IMPORTANT!!! When the baby naps you nap!! Don't worry about laundry or cleaning or bottles or NOTHING!!! You will need as much rest as you can get.... pushing out a baby is no easy task and it takes a toll on your body! Love ya sweetie and I will keep you and your new family in my prayers! I am so happy for you!

katie von erck said...

i cant stop smiling.


you've made a lot of beautiful things, but i think maya takes the cake.
enjoy suits you.

Deb said...

Congratulations to the HAney family! I've been asking Kassy about how you were doing, I'm glad that the labor was a good one (mine were, too! No horror stories here!) So, now it's time to heal up and enjoy your baby, get lots of rest while she sleeps and take lots of pictures! She's very beautiful, I love the one of her smile! Take care and enjoy your new job! Deb