Thursday, June 30, 2011


Last Savannah scan was today! I'll be honest-I won't miss that place or the more-than-half-the-day trips there.

It was very basic-between them being pretty big and me having a lot of fluid on my belly it was hard to see a lot of things and hard to get many good, accurate measurements. No pictures today because it was really impossible to see much (though she was going to give us pictures of their hair-which has grown! They both have a lot of it! But she forgot, and so did we before we left).

Her heartbeat was at 120 (she was chilling out being lazy) and his was at 136. He was moving all over the place by the end of the scan. They were both "breathing" through the entire scan-which the tech said was awesome. The tech also noticed that little lady emptied her bladder-when she scanned her first her bladder was full, and then when she came back later to measure her belly it was smaller and emptied. I think that's funny. And good that her little system is working!

She's measuring at 5lbs 5oz, 45th percentile, and he was at 5lbs 13oz, 65th percentile. I know that measurements aren't always super accurate, and she said they might especially not be this time since there were less available body parts to measure and the babies weren't at ideal angles to get accurate measurements (and there was no room to move the scanny stick thing around to try to get those correct angles). They should be at LEAST those sizes though, that would be a little under 2lbs gained each in the past four weeks-bigger would be awesome! There's only a 7% difference between their weights though so the whole her being head down and possibly him delivering breech isn't an issue. (Though it kind of bothered me that the tech popped her two cents in about delivering a breech baby B-she thought it was nuts and she would just opt for the c-section-well, not her babies, not her body, not her delivery!)

Apparently I was supposed to be having non-stress tests and a biophysical profile done on the babies twice a week and someone somewhere along the line forgot to put in the paperwork for it. The tech was super surprised but after talking to the Perinatologist they decided just to skip it-basically I'd have three more done at the most, today and then two next week, and since they did so good with the scan today (heartbeats, practice breathing, fluid levels great) it's just not necessary at this point. I'm SO glad. I definitely don't feel like going to Savannah twice next week on top of an appointment at Naval-and Naval checks my fluid levels anyway.

I treated myself to one last manicure and pedicure tonight! Now my fingers and toes are happy and nice and pretty for the babies to come. If my legs are massively swollen from all of this fluid, at least my toes look cute!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Doctor's appointment today-if it went well or not depends on who you ask, Patrick or myself! He's distraught that there hasn't been progress, I'm comforted by the plans that were made and things that were discussed.

Heartbeats were good-hers at 142 and his at 148, fluid around the babies looks great, they are STILL in the same position as they've been in. I had my Group B Strep test today, and was checked again-still at 1cm, 50% effaced (not sure how effaced I was last week-she didn't tell me) and I am measuring at 46w.

We talked about labor details today and induction, and I'm SO glad I had the doctor I had today. He's our favorite, and the one who initially ordered the twins' ultrasound in the ER way back when. I just felt like he came in and any questions and concerns I had about the things we're about to face he addressed without me even asking... he's all for letting me go as long as I'd like, with minimal/no interventions during labor, and said that so is one of the other doctors (the one who did the scope on my tubes in September). They will both deliver a breech baby B if he doesn't flip/they can't flip him after A comes out (she's totally prime candidate for delivery and I shouldn't have any problems with her). I am comfortable with a breech delivery as well, so as long as I have one of those two providers I'm going to have the birth that I want (as long as no problems arise-in that situation though I'm not stubborn enough to not be flexible at the last minute).

The problem is if I go into labor and one of the other two doctors are on the delivery schedule for that day. They are not comfortable with delivering breech, so if he doesn't flip they'll deliver him by c-section (which is lovingly referred to in the multiples world as a "double whammy"). I would be very disappointed, but I'm not going to hope or expect a doctor to do something they are not comfortable with. So. Everyone hope and pray I don't have either of those two doctors :)

I had an issue before with the fact that they were going to induce me earlier than I wanted to be induced. The doctor today made a point that I completely agree with-he completely supports what I want to do as far as L&D plans, and the easiest way to try and manipulate that situation is to induce as soon as it's "smart" to with one of the two providers that are going to most likely give me the birth I hope for. I turn 37w on Saturday the 9th-and the first time one of those two are on duty is Monday the 11th, so the doctor is going to discuss that with the other one (who is the one who will be on) and then put in my induction paperwork-I should know a final answer when we go for our appointment next week. I'll be 37w2d, the babies will be well over 6lbs each, and hopefully very healthy at that point. I'll ask for the Pitocin to just try and give me a kick-start to labor, and then we'll go from there. So-in this situation I am okay with the induction. He'd personally let me go as far as I could or wanted to but the further we go the more we chance not getting one of the two that will deliver breech (I feel like I'm being redundant, I just have no brain to explain myself).

There is of course the chance that I'll go before that. July 11 is still 12 days away. I have NO idea how I still have plug left-it must be regenerating at lightning speed-but I keep losing it. In the case I do go early, please be praying I get one of the doctors we're hoping for!

If you asked me if I was ready just a few days ago, I'd say no. But now it's a yes. It doesn't bother me, the thought of still having almost two weeks to go, I'd be fine with that because I know how fast it's going to fly. If I went into labor though I wouldn't-couldn't-be disappointed anymore. I'm over 35 1/2 weeks pregnant. I got this far, and am so thankful, it's further than some make it. They'd be big, and strong. Patrick is COMPLETELY ready. If he could sweet talk those babies out he would. Poor guy is so stressed, can't work efficiently... just over the anticipation that it could be any second that I call. I guess that's the one downfall of my water breaking with Maya (though I hope it happens that way this time!) -it was an all of a sudden thing and could very well be again.

Tonight I made cayenne brownies. Tasty. They are supposed to put people in labor but they've not worked a single time for the people I've baked them for/shared the recipe with. I've also started drinking raspberry leaf tea to prepare for labor... but still no walking yet, I'm far too tired for that! :)

Last growth scan in Savannah tomorrow... can't wait to see them and see about how big they are!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Very interesting day, and it has the potential to get more interesting.

If you are reading this and am friends with me on Facebook... don't say anything, please! This is more for documentation purposes so consider yourself special.

Very long story short, for one: I went back and forth for a couple of hours tonight trying to decide whether or not to go get checked out in antepartum for my swollen feet, which are still pitting. There are things that "could" be attributed to pre-eclampsia but could also be (and are probably) just other things. I didn't go.

And then later this evening I noticed ma-jor plug. Twinged with blood.

Here we go... only a matter of time now!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Woke up feeling awful. I could hardly move, my wrist was in some crazy intense pain, and I told Patrick I wouldn't be surprised if I went into labor today.

More plug loss, more contractions, and some insane swelling of my legs and feet. Thankful I've kept them in for one more day though!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yay yay yay! We made it to another milestone!

Barely, I feel like-comparing pictures from this week and last week, I've definitely dropped. I already knew that though-I can feel her little head just bearing down! Ow, for sure.

Patrick ran his first half marathon today-I'm so proud! We have always joked that since he was running it today would be the day I went into labor-he was going to run with his phone in his pocket until I insisted (for the 500th time) that it would be a distraction and to leave it with one of the volunteers-but he just called, he's finished (and it's only across town) and I'm definitely not in labor :)

Friday, June 24, 2011


Well chances are I'm not going to high-tail it through all of the stages of labor in a little less than four hours... so I'm excited that we'll be making it to 35 weeks!

We've got more little "signs" over here. Not necessarily meaning I'm going into labor tonight but meaning it's coming soon-I lost a little bit of my plug today (SO strange to me because I didn't (knowingly) lose it with Maya). Could mean labor is starting in a few hours, could mean it's happening in a couple of weeks... the plug can replenish itself, and I didn't lose a ton in the first place. Just a little more confirmation that it is indeed going to happen before long.

Also tonight I had an odd eyesight spell again-like a few weeks ago after Patrick's triathlon. I drank a Gatorade and had some dinner and it was better-still have a horrible headache though, and am having contractions here and there.

This morning (jeesh I'm all over the place) my neighbor took Maya to play again... so I got to do nothing but lie here on the couch for a couple of hours! It was delightful. But it lets me know, since I've been SUPER lazy since my appointment on Wednesday, that these babies are on their own agenda... I think we won't start walking until we hit 36 weeks, because it seems like they want some encouragement!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I've been super crampy since I was checked yesterday. Last night was the worst-I think I set a record for "times up to get to the bathroom" for one and so it was a painful cramp-filled challenge every time I did. I still haven't felt much better throughout the day-just tired, sore, all that fun stuff. This morning I was insanely moody but that went away.

Thankfully, Patrick knows how to make my day-he came home from work with a king size Kit Kat bar and a bag of Red Vines for me! Not that they really sound appetizing at this exact point in time but he's the best for it anyway :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Doctor's appointment went well-thought I'd have to go in prepared for a fight regarding an induction date, but we didn't even talk about that today (woohoo!) ...heartbeats were good, hers was at 135 and his was at 141. Weight gain is at 42lbs which is a good amount for right now. The doctor two weeks ago said I'd have to get the GBS test today, but since I'm only 34w4d and not 35w apparently they can't do it... not accurate yet... something, even though they had me covered with a sheet and all ready for it. I'm measuring at 44w today which I can do nothing but laugh at the ridiculousness of it.

She checked my cervix, and surprise-I'm dilated to 1cm. She could also feel A's head right there, which is good because her chances of flipping back over are pretty slim at this point so it looks like she'll definitely be able to be delivered at least and then we'll just have to see what B does. I'm anxious to see how long it's going to be after this until I go into labor. This here is what happened the day before I had Maya-wasn't dilated at all-I know all pregnancies and labors are different but I'm just so curious. I guess we just continue to play the waiting game now!

Monday, June 20, 2011


I'm glad I don't have TOO much further to go-opening the door today was like opening the door to the oven! It's consistently been in the high 90's with the heat index well, well over 100-but today actual temps were over 100 and heat index/humidity made it completely unbearable. Not good since I am pretty sensitive to the heat and swell quickly (I did with Maya too).

I'm completely amazed at how my seemingly nonexistent energy level continues to drop. Yesterday for Father's Day we went to brunch on base... so basically I got up, showered, went to eat a meal I didn't prepare, and then ran in with Patrick to get his hair cut since we were already there and I didn't feel like sitting out in the hot van or wasting the gas keeping it running... and it was all I could do after we got home to drag myself into the house, change into some "comfortable" clothes (I say "comfortable" because nothing fits) and flop myself into bed. I'm definitely thankful to have an understanding, helpful husband that just lets me go and takes care of Maya and the house when I need it-which is now pretty much every day!

Today I gave in to some pretty intense cravings. The KFC commercials have been showing a random bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy... and every time I see it I about claw out my eyes wanting it. I haven't eaten KFC since I was pregnant with Maya-but today it finally got to me. So Patrick and Maya sat down to eat their nice healthy low-sodium dinner of grilled chicken breast, salad, and strawberries, and I headed down the road to fulfill my craving induced dreams. I got a meal with two bowls of mashed potatoes, got an extra two biscuits (and then they jipped me out of my original biscuit!) and some chicken strips that were actually pretty good since I seem to hate chicken these days. And then I stopped at BK to pick up a cherry slushie. Boy it's a good thing we don't live right in town-I'd be enormous and we'd be poor!

(Also: got a bill today from my fun afternoon being monitored a couple of weeks ago (I thought I was preregistered but I wasn't apparently-whoops! No worries-it'll be taken care of tomorrow). It was an insane $563. For three hours of being hooked up to monitors. Thank goodness for insurance-there's no way we could do this without!)

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Another week, another pound of babies in my belly!

Today has been really wacky. Evie won't leave me alone, Maya's been super clingy, we've gotten random texts and phone calls asking how things are going, we finished the biggest three tasks on our miniscule remainder of a to-do list. Doo doo doo doo... I'm wondering what the world can sense that I can't.

Nothing else fun to update for today except that right now I am going to make funfetti cupcakes for my dinner.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Patrick and I watched "The Business of Being Born" tonight... made me a lot more confident in the choices I've made regarding the twins' birth! Reading some things on the MoM board I lurk on I was starting to second-guess myself... but after a conversation with another twin mom (who did a homebirth! I wish!) and watching this I feel pretty ok... and Patrick now understands why I want things the way I do :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Is unbelievable irritability a pre-labor sign? Haha.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I've had the most insane heartburn since I woke up this morning. Well, since I ate breakfast. Which started out with a cookie or two.

Another thing I'm ready for, as far as not being pregnant anymore: being capable. Being able to function. Tonight we had one last big shopping trip before the babies get here and when we got home I tried to put things away... and Patrick definitely had some choice words to say, which basically summed up was "sit down". I think this has been the hardest thing this pregnancy for me!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Today I had three pieces of pizza and three cookies for dinner-so far. It's ok with me. Especially the cookie part.

I earned my keep though-the house is pretttty clean! We had visitors come-our Pastor and his family from NC, it was wonderful for them to stop through on their way back from Florida-so of course nothing kicks us into cleaning mode like people coming over. Problem is I forgot they were stopping until late last night-so it started early this morning, included a couple of small projects on our to-do list, and now as long as we can keep up with things we'll be in good shape for when the babies arrive. But now I'm exhausted, I can't walk (on account of my back AND super swollen cankle-y feet) but I feel super accomplished so it was a good day overall.

I'm going to talk about an odd thing I noticed with this pregnancy... so if you don't like gory details about pregnancy, feel free to skip (but it's obviously something I don't mind sharing on the internet so it's not THAT bad). Stretch marks. Underneath my belly. I got them with Maya (stretch marks don't bother me, it's not like I have ever been one to walk around in bikinis anyway!) but something interesting is happening with them-I think since there is so much weight pressing down on my stomach, the stretch marks are popping out. For example-typically you'd expect a stretch mark to be like a small ditch/trench/what have you, but it's opposite-like I just planted rows of corn or something. They hurt too, very sensitive, as of course raw stretched skin is. Sooo odd though. And some of them are deep purple. Hello, pressure! The ones on top are stretching more than they did with Maya so they are bright red in the capillaries popping sense, but the whole under my belly thing is so strange-and giving my belly an odd shape from the front view.

And-I'm wondering if I'm getting an ear infection. Not positive as I have never had one before... but my right ear has been aching a lot today. Anyone out there have any good home remedies? Definitely don't want to take meds at this point... but I wouldn't want it to get horrible either, if it is what it is! Just gotta play the waiting game I guess.

Now off to sync my iPod with the playlists I made for labor... one more thing to check off my list! Woohoo!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Today church threw another pregnant member and I a baby shower... boy are these kiddos blessed and super loved! I'll post pictures here once I have them.

I think we're ready for them now. Mentally and emotionally, that is. It's taken a lot to get to this place, and I hope they stay cooking, but we're ready. The house isn't completely, haha, but hopefully our to-do list will be finished soon!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Just a quick update for tonight-I'm so super tired! (Surprise)

There's a significant change from last week, I think... probably due to the massive growing phase they are in! (Around a half pound a week each, I'm pretty sure.)

Super thankful to make it to this point... now that it's getting closer we'll celebrate each extra day pregnant, not week. Well week too, but each day is significant now. You know what I mean.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This is random, but I keep forgetting about it: I've got the wonderful linea negra this time! I didn't have it with Maya at all, and right now it's super super faint-not even sure if someone could tell if they saw it. I'm guessing it's because the incredible increase in hormones this pregnancy? Just kind of makes me laugh because it's one more thing that makes this pregnancy polar opposite :)

Also, today has been more than just hitting a wall-it's like me sitting crumpled up at the bottom of a wall! I think that I'm having some iron issues although I am taking my iron supplements, I just feel nutritionally depleted and more exhausted than I ever was even in the newborn stage with Maya (when we were up every couple of hours for feedings and she was colicky the rest of the time). This too shall pass-but days like today I am super thankful for my neighbor! She had asked me this past weekend if she could take Maya for a playdate with her little man this morning (we used to do Wednesday morning playdates every week but I'm just too tired now) so Maya went to her house and I got to sit here and bask in the quiet and do nothing. It was simply amazing. Lauren, if you are reading this, thank you again! It meant so much just to have those couple of hours... and Maya talked about your playdate all day :)

Monday, June 6, 2011


Had a doctor's appointment this morning. I was glad to have it-last night Patrick tried to put his arm around my belly when we were about to fall asleep and I kind of yelped in pain-my entire belly hurts when I'm lying down. I figured it's pulled ligaments-I have them on both sides on the bottom of my belly-it was nice to get confirmation that yes, that's all it is. Also this morning I had pain so horribly on the top of my belly (not to the side in pre-e worry style) that I thought I was going to have to sit down on the floor to finish getting dressed and call Patrick to come home. It passed though. It did it again this afternoon after my nap, and I had mentioned it to the doc when I was there but it's all typical being super enormous stuff apparently. My body thinks I'm completely full term-so it's going to act that way.

Appointment went well though-her heartbeat was a high 190 but she was in the middle of wiggling around quite a bit, and his was in the 140's. Blood pressure is good, reports from my scan came back great (so no non-stress tests for me!) and there is only a 5% discrepancy between their weights which is very good when it comes to what I want to do regarding labor and delivery. I go back in two weeks, when they will do my group B strep test and start with the checking of my cervix (I asked her not to this time-she couldn't see it on the ultrasound so we're just continuing to hope and pray that it's not starting to open). I am measuring at 39 weeks now, so I'm officially bigger than I was with Maya when I delivered her at 38w4d... I had only been measuring 6 weeks ahead (used to be 8 when they started measuring) so now that it's back to 7 they must be gaining a little faster-which I'm thrilled about. Big babies are healthy babies!

As far as delivery goes, I feel like they keep pulling back my dates. The doctor said if I start labor between 34-35w they will keep me here at our hospital and just deliver (not sure if it's since they are pretty good weights and my pregnancy has gone as smooth as it possibly could have or what, or if it'll depend on what doctor is on duty) and they will induce between 36-37w (heeeck no-I wanted to fight for 38w-I'm NOT going to let them induce before 37, unless there is reason to-babies start to be stressed, my BP gets funny, etc) ...soooo I'm kind of in a dilemma. I don't want to induce in the first place so I think around 34w I'll start walking. That's a lot earlier than I hoped but... it's not like this is a singleton birth.

As usual the doc asked about my plans for L&D (can I really just opt for a c-section? I can't imagine just wanting that off the bat... no offense to people who do) and she agreed that since baby girl is head down and so far down things are looking good for a delivery (!!!). Patrick was kind of dumbfounded when the doc was talking about the logistics of baby boy, about how a breech delivery COULD possibly be easier (and definitely allowed for me, going back to the 5% discrepancy, he's bigger). It's so funny thinking about how they might not just come out one after another, it could be quite some time apart... I guess you just don't really think about stuff like that.

Regardless, it's going to be soon. It's completely insane to me. Patrick said he kind of had a "moment" at work today when it just hit him that this is really happening... could be tonight, could be a month from now. But it's soon. I'm so thankful to have made it this far-and with no complications, no bedrest. I've really enjoyed this pregnancy even despite the aches and pains. I'm going to miss it-feeling them fight inside (soon I'll be watching them bat at each other!) and this ridiculous belly. It already makes me long for another pregnancy, though talk of that would be FAR later down the road (especially since my odds of twins again definitely goes up. By like four times).

And I just have to say-having a contraction with a full bladder is the worst thing in the world.


Sunday, June 5, 2011


Fun quick tidbit of today: I felt a foot!

With Maya all I ever felt was the occasional knee or elbow or heel, never too sure what it was... same with these kiddos. Today I was playing with the babies (poking limbs back in when they poked them out) and I NO KIDDING felt a foot! It was the most insane and cool thing ever!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Well 32 weeks sure came in with a fanfare... woke me up at 6 this morning with some intense contractions! The one that actually woke me up was a few minutes long... I was really crampy (back and front) and the contraction was so tight that I couldn't even roll over in bed to try to get OUT of bed to walk around and attempt to alleviate it... since it wasn't just going away on its own. I finally got out of bed and I walked around looking for the L&D number for the hospital but it went away... so I parked myself on the couch with a Gatorade, a Fiber One bar, and a blanket and just tried to relax.

After Patrick got up a few minutes later to go to his 5K I climbed back in bed and fell asleep... but it wasn't good sleep because I kept waking up to the contractions (I never had them with Maya until I was started on Pitocin after my water broke at home, so this is totally new for me) and I finally just got up when he came home. They continued through the morning and the early afternoon when I went and ate lunch with some friends, so I popped in to be monitored.

3 hours later... I was indeed having contractions, quite a few of them, but nothing time-able or consistent (which I knew but was just hoping that they weren't making progress). The nurse checked me and my cervix is soft but still closed, and I had an fFN test but came back negative (which means that the chances of me going into labor in the next two weeks are only like 1% or less-woohoo!) and I don't have a bladder infection (which they randomly tested for too). So my instructions for coming home were to just rest a lot... thankfully no bedrest still! And I'll definitely obey the "rest a lot" instructions-I'm SO tired and I'm still contracting so I'm a little uncomfortable as well.
This, though, kicks our motivation into high gear as far as finishing our "getting ready" things. I need to update my iPod, which I can do just being lazy, and there are a couple of things for Patrick to do and we'll be good. The countdown sure has begun-though hopefully we still have a little bit!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I will NOT lie-I was really nervous about today's Savannah scan! Thankfully it went great and it was a huge reassurance that everything's going just fine and we have no reason to not expect them to go completely full term!

The tech couldn't really see my cervix too well (whoops, had just used the bathroom) but she said it didn't look open at all so that's good. I'm going to ask them to check it (via ultrasound of course) when I go to Naval on Monday for my checkup there. I've really been hoping these are just BH that I've been having and wanted to double check that it's not progressing anything... I guess nothing too much!

Babies look great-they are growing, and getting quite cramped! She's back to head down and he's transverse/breech depending on what minute you are looking at him-so hopefully they stay that way! The scan was only about a half hour since there's so much less you can check at this point with the lack of space-it was very nice on my sciatic nerve :) I usually have a problem with it there since I have to lie on my back on the table for so long.

A is still a girl (I crack up at this point when they say "still a ___" because yeah... after this many scans, if it changed, it would be an act of God!) ...her heartbeat was at 140, she's measuring 3lbs12oz (39th percentile-up from 31st last time) and has a bit of hair! They were both very wiggly today, both of them practice breathing (woohoo!) and she kept putting her hands to/in her mouth while we looked. It's fun kind of having a little window to what they are up to!

Nose picker? Hahaha just kidding.
Here's her hair, where the arrows are pointing!
Face shot-super rare with her
B continues to be a little bigger than his sister, which really isn't too much of a surprise. His heartbeat was at 146, and he's sitting at 3lbs15oz (WOO HOO!! Almost 4lbs! 55th percentile, amazingly, up from 39th last time). He was sitting with his face pointed at my back so she couldn't get any good pictures of him at all... usually he's the photogenic one too. He does have a little hair too... less than his sister, but you can see it in this picture:
What a sweetheart! I can't believe we're chugging along and the day after tomorrow I will only have three weeks until Naval won't stop labor. Craziness to me. I know I say it all the time-but the feeling is all the same, a little bit of panic that it's so close but mostly wondering where time went! I guess that's what happens when you take the time to enjoy a pregnancy? Just need to keep shoveling in the protein-I've been trying to drink more of the Carnation breakfasts (not for breakfast, through the day) lately.

My feet are the most swollen they've been yet today. It's still been SO hot-mid 90's, heat index around 100-but even though I stay indoors in the AC (and today in the car in the AC, there honestly was only a little bit of time I was outdoors-walking to and from the car mostly, and not tons of time on my feet) it's been awful. They hurt right now, but I'm too tired to go soak them or anything. I'm so glad I took my wedding rings off a couple of months ago-there's no way I could wear them in this! When I took my flip flops off in the car there were even pathetic little indentations-poor things!