Thursday, October 9, 2008


One of the perks of being a military family is that we are offered all of these cool classes and great resources for just about everything-including having a baby. They have something called the New Parent Support Group, and they offer classes to new moms, new dads, kiddos who are going to be a big brother or big sister for the first time, and after the baby is born they will send someone out to your house to visit, weigh and measure the baby, see how you are doing, and give you any tips or answer any questions you may have. I love it, and as a KV I like to try out these programs so I can recommend them to other people.

So, yesterday and today Patrick has been going to the Daddy Boot Camp (I was signed up for the mommy one next week, but I figured that I would either have her by then or be too miserable to sit there in a class all day for two days in a row so I cancelled). It's some common sense stuff, but I think it was neat for him to go to-he got to practice changing a poopy diaper, bathe the baby, and hold the little one-all on dolls of course, it's almost too bad they couldn't make the dolls squirm and scream like real ones do! The hilarious part was they got to wear those empathy bellies for awhile. I heard that they got to do it, so I sent him with the camera-sure enough, he came back at lunch yesterday with a picture for me. He said it "wasn't too bad" but they only wore them for a little while-I would LOVE to see them wear them for the whole two days!

There's no progress here that I can tell, I've had terrible cramps the past couple of days but I don't think that's anything. For those of you who want to keep up with me going in and everything, I joined Twitter and will post updates from here and when we go to the hospital-it's a little box on the left hand side of our big blog, but for the sake of keeping track of the baby I might add it to this blog too. It's just a little box, and it will say whatever I type in... so when we go I'll update that, and keep updating from my phone... and then when she comes my dear, wonderful friend Kas will get on here and let you all know the details!

Here's the shot of Patrick with the belly on... enjoy!

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Leslie Collins said...

Thought I would post and say hello.

I can remember how done I was with being pregnant around the 36-37 week mark. Try to hang in there because once they are here, all they do is grow up way too fast. :)