Sunday, October 26, 2008

4 days old, 2 days home

Wow, have we really been home for 2 days now? It's honestly a blur, we've had some loooong nights (and EASY days because she is cheerful, and a great napper and eater) and tonight is going to be awful because we just have to suck it up and let her cry it out so she knows that if she cries we're not just going to go pick her up and let her sleep on us (the last two nights Patrick and I have switched out sleeping on the bowl chair with her-does NOT make either one of us a very cheerful person or very rested in the morning!)

We are going to cave in and buy the pack and play this week-it has a bassinett attatched to it, so she can be in our room-I absolutely refuse to let her sleep in bed with us. Or maybe by payday she'll have gotten used to sleeping in her crib-lets hope!

I'm still feeling icky, but better. I've learned that the squeezy bottle they gave me at the hospital has become one of my best friends. I think they put something in it at the hospital, for cleaning purposes, so it burned when I used it and I hated it-but I've been filling it with cold water and it's absolutely delightful. My body hasn't figured out yet that I am NOT nursing-I can't wait till it does. I need to learn to not overdo it, as much as I think it will make me better faster, because the more I do the more I bleed and the more my stitches hurt. Can't wait till this part is over-I swear it is worse than labor!

Ecchhh she's screaming her head off now... its going to be a long night.

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