Friday, October 3, 2008


(Under 30 days to go! EEK!)

Why I have the best husband ever:

Last night, even though it was his birthday and we were both honestly exhausted from the day, when we hopped into bed he climbed down to the end and asked for my feet.

See I cringe every night when I say "will you rub my feet" because honestly, WHO wants to do that? I know he hates it, I would hate to do it every night, and I really hate to ask him, but they just hurt so terribly... I'd rub them myself but uh, I kind of can't reach them!

So it was very very sweet and very much appreciated last night (when I sure wasn't about to ask for it since it was his day and all) when he just did it... he's the best :) thank you, love!


rachel said...

that is so sweet. :)

you're getting SO CLOSE!!
hang in there! :)

rachel said...

Okay, you haven't updated in 4 days. Did you have Maya?!?!