Sunday, October 12, 2008


I don't know if you can tell by the (blurry-its hard to take pictures of my OWN hands) picture, but these are my hands after a 3+ mile walk. Just to put it in perspective-my wedding rings are a size 5. My size 8 fake ring that I've worn through the pregnancy comes nowhere near fitting right now. Halfway through I had to stop and take off my crocs because my feet were getting so swollen that they were rubbing really bad-and now I have 4 blisters as a souvenir. Can ya tell I'm serious about getting her out? If anything, Patrick, Evie and I got a really nice workout-even if it did take an hour and a half to do!


sue said...

tell Maya that she was good girl to wait for Kas and Nate to get their phone installed... but it's in now, so she can come out and you can call them with the good news!!!! OK baby Maya... you can come out now!!!!

gage and mommy said...

If you have a breast pump you can start pumping to get contractions to start!!! I have a friend who did that and it worked for her!!