Saturday, June 13, 2015


Today I am mostly sure I felt movement! I don't think I ever did this early any other time, but I was sitting on the floor kind of hunched over giving little P his meds and dinner and I could feel something right in that area! Hello, baby :) <3

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Wow! Second trimester already. This is seriously flying by. I had my second baby appointment today-got to see baby, he or she was wiggling around like crazy, and I'm pretty sure had the hiccups! Not sure if it's possible at this age yet. Sweet little thing. Baby is measuring a week big but thankfully I didn't have to argue to keep my due date the same. Everything else looked good and right on track though!

(4th pregnancy and having a little extra to begin with isn't merciful, haha!)


Pregnancy: where 10pm feels like 4am.


Only one more week to go in the first trimester! Jeesh has this moved fast.

Today was a good baby day. I slept a lot more than usual last night, had more than usual to eat today (for lunch: antipasta salad, Waldorf salad, and a bowl of Life cereal-HELLO pregnancy) and I got to hear baby's heartbeat! Elysia has a Doppler and after some fussing with it, we finally found it... What a sweet sound as I only got to see it during my scan last time! Just now before climbing into bed I found it again too-this time it was a little less wiggly and about lulled me to sleep with the sound. You are so loved, baby!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Another super rough evening where I basically couldn't move. The nausea tonight was overwhelming-but it was more than just nausea, I actually feared I was going to be sick sick this time.  Every single smell put me over the edge-Emma's diaper, Maya's pizza breath... ick. At 5:45 I had no idea how I would make it to bedtime but I finally did, thank goodness.

I'm becoming increasingly aware of my uterus. It's definitely growing!