Wednesday, May 29, 2013

One week old!/Birth story

It's only been a week and I feel like Emma has been here forever. It's been a very long week though, so that's probably partly to blame.

Wednesday morning (the 22nd) I woke up right at 5:00 with some pretty strong contractions. I started timing them and they were between 6-8 minutes apart-so I just tried to rest a bit and kept timing. Patrick got up for work at 5:30 and I let him know what was going on and to not be surprised if he got a call in a while.

He left, they continued. I couldn't fall back asleep so I just decided to get up then for my shower just in case it was labor-then I would be all ready. They crept closer together and by the time I got out some of them were only 2 1/2 minutes apart and some were more like 5-6 minutes-so it was time to call Patrick. Since my water broke the past two times this was so so confusing to me-I was pretty sure it was real but was nervous that I would get the kids around and to our friend's house and it would be nothing.

We ended up leaving the house a little after 8 and got to the hospital after dropping the kids off a little after 9. Even driving there I wasn't convinced (and then I'd have a serious contraction and retract that thought!). We went in, got checked, and sure enough-6cm dilated and 85-90% effaced with a bulging bag of waters. It was officially baby day!

It was a slow slow afternoon. I guess I only labor quickly when my water breaks! Since I tested positive for GBS it was a good thing, as it was ideal to get 2 rounds of antibiotics in my system. When I was about to get the second round (somewhere around 2:00) they hooked up a pitocin bag at the same time. Not a fan-I let the nurse know that I only wanted it if it was absolutely necessary and even then only on the absolute lowest setting. We kept on waiting, and contractions started getting more and more intense-I could tell it was getting a lot closer. By 4 I was a 9 but the doctor still had to get there and break my water and I knew that there was no way I would make it through without a little relief. Contractions were so strong that I was lightheaded breathing through them and the end of them left me almost in tears (and I can tolerate pain-I delivered Maya with an epidural that didn't work, and then delivered Patrick breech just fine) so I asked for an epidural. I was so thankful that they were quick with it-looking back at it I'm still glad I got it, and almost wish I had before then. Once I asked for it I made a comment to the nurse that it was a good thing she didn't turn the pitocin on because it would have made things so much more intense-and she said that oh, she had turned it on-so I asked her to turn it off and she did, but it was going to take a little while to get out of my system. Apparently I'm hypersensitive to just 2mL/hr-well no kidding, my body didn't need it.

Not long after getting the epidural the doctor arrived and checked me. I was almost almost there-she tried to stretch that last little ridge out and that hurt like the dickens so she broke my water instead. I want to say that was at like 4:55, and a few minutes later I was ready to go.

I had to wait and breathe deep through the last contractions as they were prepping everything. I knew I was ready, so when the doc told me to go ahead and push I told her not till she was standing right there-so she grabbed her paper thing, walked over, nurses grabbed my legs and I pushed and she was out!

The next part was the wonderful part and even though I was annoyed at the pitocin and wussed out on an epidural, it didn't matter. With the other three I didn't get to hold them right after delivery and that always bothered me. You know, the push baby out, baby goes right to mama moment-got it. And it was amazing. She was bloody and waxy and just plain wonderful. I held her for quite a bit while I delivered the placenta, and when I was ready to be stitched up (2nd degree tear since she barreled through so fast) she was weighed. She was officially 7lbs 11oz and 20in long, born at 5:21pm. Right away I could tell she looked just like baby Maya and we could see her shoulder dimples immediately too! She nursed great right away too-yay!

Maya came up pretty soon after. She was completely in love as soon as she saw Emma (surprise) and held her for a really long time. I was moved to our room and Maya and Patrick left and then there were two days of boredom, soreness, too many people coming in and out, and not sleeping-at all, but lots and lots of snuggles.

The days after that were more of a challenge than any other delivery-physically, at least. I couldn't sit without being in incredible pain and Emma apparently had a bad latch but I didn't realize it until it was much too late. There ended up being blood and gore and pain and horrible. I've been pumping around the clock and we are feeding poor Emma with a syringe-but, however, once we were able to see what she was getting she actually started sleeping (which before the weekend she was only doing in 10-20 minute bursts).

She's wonderful though. Maya's a little mama to her and Ava and Patrick think she's pretty ok too. They like to do simple things to help-like bring her pacifier or blanket. I can't get enough baby snuggles either. I don't want time to ever pass from right now!

Now, almost a week after writing that, I'm finally getting to the whole uploading pictures part so I can publish this thing. Photos were taken by the fantastic Kristi at Kristi James Photography-visit her site here! Please do NOT copy, share, or save these photos-I am giving zero people permission to do so-thanks. For family, if there are some that you'd like, please ask me for them!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Bloody mucous all day today (hey, this is a pregnancy blog, you shouldn't be reading it if you don't want the gory details!) and I've had sporadic super hard contractions all day. Tonight we went on a walk and then I drank my tea when we got home-those put contractions at around 8 1/2 minutes apart, consistently, for a little over an hour and they've already let up again. A miracle would be that it dilated me enough for my water to break in the middle of the night! It would be nice, considering it has Patrick in such a rotten, foul mood today. (And yes, I too am rolling my eyes)

Monday, May 20, 2013


Well, this morning I went in for a re-check... Still no progress at all. I'm kind of not surprised though. The doc said that baby's head isn't even engaged in my pelvis yet... Which has NOT been the case the past two times, it was always super far down and pushing. So, I'm no expert or anything, but I'm guessing that is what the delay is all about.

I did have my membranes stripped though. Definitely hope it works and that I don't have to have it redone on Friday at my next appointment (that I hope I don't even make it to!) Pretty much right away I was having intense contractions, not close together in the least bit (the biggies have been about an hour apart all day) but they are intense, much like the ones I had when I was in very active labor with A&P. I'm hoping that will keep up through the night and we will be in good shape tomorrow for some possible baby action.

I'm hoping to get some good rest tonight just in case. Last night it was so hot in here that I slept horribly. I have a VERY full belly right now so hopefully I can ignore my self perpetuated bellyache (I just had Thai, a half of a pineapple, and some REALLY tasty pineapple/strawberry/orange juice that we made).

Dear baby: please come soon! You are probably getting to be a chunker, we are ready, and I'd like to sit on the couch again.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Ok! Now I can go into labor. Today we had Maya's last T-Ball game, her recital, and my feet are swollen from the heat, today's errands, and lack of AC. Time to come out before mama has to get really uncomfortable, baby!

Friday, May 17, 2013


Had an appointment today-one I never thought I would make it to in the first place.

Weight gain is still at a whopping 13lbs, BP is good, not sure what my belly was measuring at but baby's heartbeat was between 130-140. Sadly being checked was a huge "womp womp"-zero progress from last week.

I was given the option to have my membranes stripped but I had huge anxiety about it as Maya's dance recital is tomorrow night. It would break my heart to miss it knowing I'm missing it because of a choice I made (spontaneously going into labor I can't help of course). The doctor offered to have me come in on Monday morning for a re-check and to have them stripped then-so I'm going to work over the weekend to get the baby in a good position (which could be the problem?) and hopefully we will rock and roll on Monday and stay far far away from the dreaded "i" word. I'm still feeling pretty good other than the usual woes so it'll be nice to get in Maya's last game and her recital and get our last minute mowing and cleaning done.

Big complaint of the day is our AC. I came home from an exhausting evening only to walk into a hot, stuffy house-which Patrick didn't notice since he thought it felt good in here. I'm pretty sure it's broken as it refuses to kick on and the temp is climbing (79 degrees at midnight-it's going to be a long night, as I have awful hot flashes even while running the AC). I hope it's just a matter of flipping a switch on the breaker box but sadly it's in A&P's room so it'll have to wait till tomorrow.

Here's my 39w picture... Baby definitely looks higher to me this week than last! Stinker.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Stubborn stubborn stubborn. Baby, you better be so chill in the outside world!

I can't believe I've made it this far. In 33 minutes I'll be 39w. So unless my water breaks in that time and a baby slides out with it, we will have a 39 weeker. I feel great (other than what I'm assuming is a pulled ligament on the top of my belly that feels like I'm being stabbed) and I so wish that I could enjoy this time.

I think people think I'm just impatient to have the baby. I'm really ok-it's not that aspect of it that's stressing me out, it's the stress of not knowing, past tomorrow, what we are going to do with the kids when I go into labor. Yes everything will work out in the end but still right now the logistics are one huge beast and sadly have me down. I remember what a mess Maya was after I came home from the hospital before and I don't want all three like that this time-or A&P at least. And getting the kids somewhere-even if we are as prepared as possible-will still take some time to get them from here to there and in the meantime I'm driving myself to the hospital and hoping Patrick makes it in time since I labored so fast last time. Hopefully this will be slower since the baby is probably almost 2lbs bigger but you just never know.

I think, after days of feeling not much, I'm finally starting the good stages of labor. Or at least hoping. My back has been sore all day and I've had other symptoms I won't share with the world... I'm feeling some pressure so I'm hoping baby has dropped a bit more. I didn't feel like walking tonight even so Patrick and I just had a date-dinner and then frozen yogurt while we sat on my favorite wooden swings down by the water. Which would have been perfect timing for water to break but I'm not surprised that it didn't!

Saturday, May 11, 2013


I'm going to be so annoyed with myself when I go back to find certain posts and can't find them because I forgot to blog until the next day! Whoops. I'm sure I'll remember my spaciness and general lack of energy and time so hopefully that will help :)

Yesterday I had probably the quickest appointment ever-it was MAYBE 5 minutes (which was fine with me considering the insanely busy day it was going to be). I've lost a couple of pounds, which surprised me because I've been able to eat more lately than in the entire rest of my pregnancy, and my BP was great. I measured at 38.5 weeks so I'm growing steadily. Heartbeat was 150's and baby is in a great position to go into labor.

I'm 2cm, 75% effaced, and -2 station this week. Patrick and I walked around the store yesterday in the AC while it was still
hot and then after dinner and A&P went to bed we walked three laps around downtown Beaufort (after I chugged a strong cup of tea). I didn't notice anything but being awful sore afterwards, but I'm sure it did something (or at least that's what I'm telling myself!) We did another three laps tonight and Patrick wore his running watch for it-we clocked in 1.15 miles so I'm very happy with that!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


As I type this I'm having contractions around 7 minutes apart. I'm not going in quite yet-I'm curious as to if these will continue or if they'll just make some nice progress for my appointment tomorrow.

I've been in a vicious mood all day-which is very typical for me the day before labor!

Only time will tell now. Baby, if you're ready, we are!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Still hanging in there, still pregnant! I've had folks concerned with lack of communication but its only because of how the past week has been-between packing in last minute tasks and taking naps every day (and turning on that sweet do not disturb mode during) we are just watching and waiting. Patrick and I are both on edge because of how last the went-we were woke up in the middle of the night and just a couple hours later were the parents of three.

Last night I had a lot of baby movement. That hasn't been the case lately-baby has been quiet, adding to my feeling of impending labor-but I just tried to soak it all in quietly as who knows if this will be the last I'll get to enjoy baby kicks and wiggles. I know I'll miss this so much.

Tonight after a meeting Patrick and I got to go downtown and walk and ate frozen yogurt-it was nice to walk around and sit along the water just the two of us, we never ever ever get to do that!

I'll be 38 weeks in about 15 minutes... Honestly I didn't think I'd go this far but so glad baby is growing big, healthy, and strong in there :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013


I keep forgetting to post about 37w and my appointment! I've been so completely exhausted... Even now I just want to fall asleep.

Friday (37w1d) was my appointment. 1cm dilated, 50% effaced, -3 station (not happy about that one!) ...came back positive for GBS too so I have to start antibiotics right away when I go into labor (HA!) measuring right on at 37w, weight gain is at 13lbs, heartbeat was good though I don't remember getting a number. Red Raspberry Leaf tea begins! I lost two massive globs of plug too-both marble sized-one before my appointment, one long after.

Today was the second to the last GS meeting of the year-and my sweet Daisies threw me a surprise shower! It was honestly one of the sweetest things ever and the looks on their faces was priceless.

Here's my 37w picture... Shirts obviously don't fit anymore!