Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Got a maternity belt today. I'm so excited to see if this bad devil works. Last night was another horrible sleep one till about 5-I was in so much pain but somehow, thankfully, miraculously, I fell asleep till about 9:30 or so... and that precious solid 4 1/2 hours made me able to get through the day! I like to schedule appointments (especially doctor ones) early in the morning so there's less of a wait, but since my best sleep by far is morning sleep I've stopped doing that.

I've figured out why I'm not growing out much (I am, but very slowly...) I'm getting wide! My guess is that it's because they are side by side, but I couldn't really tell before today. You can only sort of tell by looking, but you can really feel it. So I'm sure that'll make for some interesting new stretch marks in a few weeks :)

We got the babies' homecoming outfits today... as long as they are big enough to fit into them! Carter's was having a ridiculous sale, so we took advantage... homecoming outfits and the initial "yay we're having a boy and a girl lets buy a couple cute outfits!" are the only things we've bought new and the only things we are planning to buy new. If they are smaller than Carter's newborn size Patrick will have to go out and find something-we have a few preemie outfits but I don't think I'll buy anything for homecoming in preemie unless we absolutely have to. The dress we got might even still fit her, since it's a cute little sundress. End rambling.

I got a couple of bins of Maya's old clothes out today (so glad I went through and organized last year!) and picked out the things that'll be seasonally appropriate... I had to pull up pictures of Maya in the hospital with the respective outfits just to remember how tiny she was. It's only been 2 1/2 years and I've completely forgotten. I'm just afraid of pulling a repeat of Maya's homecoming, where we figured "oh she'll definitely be big enough to fit into that"... and when we put it on her minutes from leaving, realizing how dumb we must look for grossly misjudging! I leave you with those pictures, just for a laugh... the outfit didn't truly fit her until about a month or two later!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Growing steadily! When people find out (or people see me who know) we're having twins I always get "oh you look so small!" ...not sure if I'm supposed to look like the Titanic quite yet or something-still looking about 8 weeks ahead (about how I was at 30w with Maya) so I definitely personally feel huge (and have the pain to match) but who knows, maybe I'm smaller... which is just fine with me! I'm not exactly excited to have my belly be as far out as half my height :)

Yesterday was as good as the day before was bad. I didn't do much at all and it felt great. We did, however, attempt to put the babies' dresser together after Maya went to bed, and after we got all of the pieces out of the box realized that one of the pieces was split in half. I had to call for a replacement today and thankfully they'll have it out right away, but their room will be on hold for a little bit. Glad we're starting now-we wouldn't have wanted a hiccup like this 10 weeks from now!

Then today I felt awful again. We went to our favorite bagel place for lunch, stopped at the consignment shop (I like to scope out preemie onesies and pajamas, for just in case, because I'm not buying new-who knows, they could come out bigger than Maya was!) and went on a quick trip to the grocery store-I was whooped by the end (and this time Maya was an ANGEL in the store... I couldn't stop praising her after we left! I can't wait till she's past this "testing" phase because I know how good she can be!) ...got home, put the little one in her room for some quiet time, and attempted a nap. Two and a half hours of big fat fail. My back hurt too bad to comfortably lay there in the first place, Patrick was playing the wii and Maya was having conversations... so I just ended up grumpily getting up. Can't wait for bed here in a little while!

Also, I love being able to watch my belly move around now. Someone is kicking right now, and I can't tell who because it's right in the middle. They are definitely super active (she is especially late at night)!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Allrighty folks: I've officially hit the wall!

I'll tell you what, if we have a singleton in the future I will MOST DEFINITELY enjoy the entirety of the second trimester. Things have rapidly been going downhill!

In a week and a half the only night I got good sleep was the night I took a Benadryl... and the next morning I woke up with that gray haze of medicated sleep lingering till noonish. It left me wondering if it was worth it or not-even though I'll likely do the same thing tonight! My old back problems are reeeeally kicking into high gear, the weight of my belly while trying to sleep is so much on my back muscles... I need to order one of those maternity support belts. Tomorrow. After I check the secondhand store first. I wake up in the morning exhausted from waking up a million times (not even to go to the bathroom!) and in a lot of pain. Good thing is, I know that as soon as I deliver this will all be gone. It won't last forever. (I'm so glad this pregnancy isn't my first-I thought the ailments with Maya would never be gone. I felt miserable. It's definitely a different perspective this time around!)

I'm learning my new limits as well. This morning I did some cleaning, then Maya and I showered and grabbed lunch out together and went to pick up just a few grocery things... since she typically doesn't cooperate with me in the store, today being no exception, it was an exhausting trip. She was totally "that kid". Unfortunately, when Patrick got home from work, he had to haul a few things to the dump with the van and I needed to go to Food Lion to grab the couple of things I couldn't find earlier... I had to take the car, which started the meltdown. Maya LOVES our new van. She screamed from the time I tried to put her in her carseat to go (Patrick had to do it because she was thrashing too hard for me to handle, I was already exhausted from earlier), all through the store (she was REALLY "that kid"-I was SO MAD) and even continued on when Patrick met us up at Food Lion knowing I'd need a hand (seriously-God bless my husband. He's awesome). She magically stopped about two minutes before we were ready to leave, of course, and was completely fine after that. I've now sworn to not take her shopping with me alone the rest of this pregnancy unless it's absolutely necessary. Before we even started dinner I was in tons of pain and so exhausted-after dinner Patrick made me sit and I'm having BH contractions. TERRIBLE twos. Oh my land. She's so... spirited, and it's really not mixing well with this pregnancy.

So all of that is apparently more than I can handle in one day. I've exceeded my limit. It's going to be hard going through the next three months at a lower gear than this, but it's going to be necessary with the safety of the babies in mind.

Time for pajamas, Tylenol, and bed. Wowza!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Good doc appointment today!

So far my weight gain is up to 15 pounds, which he was happy with but of course I'm worried if it's enough. At this point with Maya I hadn't gained a pound-so this of course is totally different-but I'm gaining odd, I'll be at the same weight for a week or so and then overnight add a pound or two. As long as it's getting there that's fine and dandy-I'm just still having a hard time eating (and getting my calories in-he said I need to be eating 3000-3500 a day-WHAT?! I don't even get 2000 I bet) ...for the past two nights for dinner I've had a bowl of cereal because nothing sounds good at all. They're growing-I'm measuring at 28 weeks-so he said that's all that matters, because apparently they are getting what they need.

Got to see them of course (since it's easier to look for heartbeats on the machine rather than with the doppler) and little man flipped back over and is head up and is nestled up in my ribs (no wonder I've been having to stretch out sometimes to get good breaths in! And even though he's still so little, I wonder if that's what I felt the other day when he did something and it hurt so bad I had to grab onto the kitchen counter for support-I figured he was turning over but maybe that's when he was flipping over). They were both being suuuper active-both still a boy and a girl, haha-and he was kicking her in the stomach. Such love.

The doctor talked a little about what to expect as far as a timeline when things get closer. At 35 weeks (June 25) I'll be considered term with them. If I haven't had them by 37 weeks they like to induce then (though I'll probably have been doing the old walking trick that got Maya out for a few weeks by then, or beg them to let me go another week-not a fan of inducing) but I really don't think I'll go that far anyway.

All of my bloodwork from the last appointment came back, it was all just fine-including my sickle screen, haha! Next appointment will be more tests, including protein, anemia, and blood glucose-wooooohoo. It's going to all start moving along quickly now as my appointments with them will stagger with my ones at the Perinatologist so I'll have one every couple of weeks at max. I like that they have a hands-off method of dealing with things if there are no issues or complications present. This is going to make it speed by even faster though... I really wish it would slow down already!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Steadily growing! I can definitely feel it.

We bought a van today! Definitely stress off our shoulders knowing our biggest purchase has been made. Now all of our purchases seem so miniscule from here on out :)

Friday, March 18, 2011


And then randomly, Patrick felt his little man kick tonight!

I honestly didn't think it would happen for awhile-his placenta is in the way so I don't even feel him a crazy amount but he must have been punching me in the right spot and Patrick happened to feel it. Now I can stop being psycho about making him have his hands on my belly, haha!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Tonight Patrick felt his baby girl kick for the first time!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today was a productive day in our house!

First of all, we finished painting the babies' room, finally. We got the paint fixed yesterday but were too tired to work on the room. Today while Maya wasn't napping (but playing oh so good in her room) I finished the two walls that needed to be done, and then touched up a couple of places that needed it on the other walls-problem with that was that the paint was the right shade, just a TINY bit darker than the other can still so rather than just saying "whatever, hope no one notices" we took the extra hour to go over the other two walls too. It goes really fast when Patrick and I work together (this is the last room in the house to be painted) so it really wasn't a big deal. I'm excited that it looks good-I love it so much, it competes with the bathroom as my favorite color in the house! I'll post pictures in a couple of days, once we get the bookshelf, crib, and changing table pushed back towards where they are (hopefully) going to go.

In exciting purchase news, I got a long dresser from Sears-regularly priced $435, on sale, free shipping, and used my Heroes at Home gift cards-for $85! I wasn't going to buy new but that's as much as I would have paid for a used dresser plus all of the materials to refinish it. It'll be arriving in just a couple of weeks too!

Biggest of it all though-in a random chain of events we might be buying a van sooner than we thought-a LOT sooner. We had said May-ish originally, but Patrick has been keeping his eye out for good deals. This evening he came home from work and declared that he found "the one"-the make and model we were looking for, 2009, not HORRIBLE on miles (a lot for an '09) at a really good price. We decided to play with numbers-he called to find out how much our insurance would go up adding the second vehicle (more than half less than what I thought, to my excitement) and got pre-approved for our auto loan. We're going to keep our eye out still but hopefully in the next week or so make an appointment to go see it (and try to haggle the price down even more! ha! both of us are horrible with that). So, one of these days don't be surprised if you see a picture of our new VAN in the driveway! (Oh that intimidates me!)

Saturday, March 12, 2011


5 months pregnant! Woohoo! Definitely feeling more than that!

I've started getting up really early in the morning because I'm tired of fighting sleep, especially in the mornings. It's not worth it anymore because I don't sleep good... so I might as well get up and be productive! Nighttime is a joke-I have a hard time turning over, my back is constantly in pain, so I just kind of pray for quick sleep :)

Everyday things are getting increasingly difficult too. I found myself getting really out of breath and having a hard time picking up the floor this afternoon-Maya's pajamas and some of her toys and such-the babies are sitting pushing up against my lungs so even when I'm sitting down it's uncomfortable. I wouldn't trade this for the world and am still so thankful that I'm pregnant in the first place-so I just kind of laugh it away, what else can you do-it's going to be an interesting next three months or so :) I just wish they'd go a TEENY bit to the side, instead of being completely vertical!

We painted their room today-we went to the store still not knowing what colors we'd do. The obvious choices would be brown/tan, green, or yellow as far as being neutral goes... well I wanted something bright and fun so the browns were out, the color green I would have wanted we already have the bathroom painted in, and yellow was a definite runner (it was a bright yellow-like a macaroni and cheese yellow). In the end we left the choice up to Maya. Yellow (we would have accented with a lot of blues and purples) or blue and fishies (accenting with purple, green, and a deep yellow... pretty much the same color schemes just in a different order) and she picked the fishy room (please don't get theme-y on us, folks! We're not buying bedding sets for partially that reason!) and we're completely in love with the color.

So we got home from choosing and buying the paint and started when Maya went down for her quiet time... we had 1/4 of one wall left to paint and the second coat of a smaller wall to do and that was it and we'd be done when we had to crack open the second can. We were VERY disappointed to see that the colors were different-this can was a little more green (and you could tell as soon as it went on the walls)! So now we have to wait till Monday morning to go back to the store and have them fix their error and to finish that last tiny tiny bit of painting. Here's a little sample of the color:

On the walls it dries a teeny bit darker than that but that's the shade. It's so bright and so fun-it's called "Under the Sea", appropriate for what we're doing their room in! I took a picture of the wall when we were done but it looks more teal-ish. I'll have to take a picture with morning light at some point. Once the walls are painted we'll bring the crib back in and re-assemble it, and then get the second crib and a dresser-once the furniture pieces are in we'll decide if we have room to keep the changing table (I hope so! I love the storage space under it!) and then we'll slowly start picking out decorations. We're trying not to get too much of a "baby" or "nursery" look-aside from sleeping, Maya hardly spent any time in her room until recently when she started playing really independently and we relocated her toys from the living room! We are trying to choose things that grow with them-on a one-income household we're not about to redecorate in a year.

I know it may sound early to a lot of people to be doing all of this stuff, but I'm exhausted already and all I pretty much did was run some errands this morning and paint this afternoon and I'm completely wiped-I want to be able to get the nursery done when I still have energy to do so! Sounds silly but I want to do it myself-I don't want to have to dictate to someone else what I want done with it. We've waited too long for these babies to not be able to enjoy this fun part :)

Got a second swing at a garage sale today too-I was going to wait to see if both of them loved the swing, but this one was very obviously well taken care of so I just had to! One more thing off the "to find" list!

Friday, March 11, 2011


It's SO hard to believe that tomorrow I'll be 20 weeks! I'm most DEFINITELY over halfway there... even if they surprise us and come on the later end of things. I feel a ton more pregnant than I am though of course. I haven't been able to feel the top of my uterus lately-well surprise, it's because it's right underneath my ribcage. Wasn't checking up there. I haven't been sleeping good-my back has really been bothering me (old back problems I can't really do anything about) and this morning I just woke up on my own at 8 and got up instead of trying to snooze a little more-unlike me, but I was sick of tossing and turning. Might as well be productive and enjoy a little quiet time before Maya wakes up.

So yesterday. Well, back up to the night before. Had a horrible sleep, I swear it was the longest night ever (it's like the night before Christmas or the night before Vacation when you were a kid!) ...but somewhere in there I had a VERY vivid dream that we had one boy and one girl. I had been thinking that for a few weeks now, even down to which was which, so I officially made it my guess (and the dream was so vivid that I remembered what time I had them and everything). We got up early yesterday morning, Patrick got out of work early, and we were on our merry way to a busy day in Savannah shortly thereafter.

When we got to the appointment, everything changed. Long, emotional story short-they REFUSED to let Patrick in with Maya and insisted that not only did they not go back with me but they had to go wait downstairs in this tiny lobby area (couldn't even wait in the waiting room?!) because of their "strict no children policy".

Now, I had heard the recording with the confirmation of my appointment, please no children allowed. That's fine and all, but I heard this recording on Tuesday-in the middle of the day-so, way to give us a lot of time to plan. We still don't know a ton of people here yet, most of them work, and our usual sitter had family in town so I couldn't ask her to take Maya for 6 hours. I decided to take her, but was still unsure, so Patrick quickly did the paperwork for CDC (day care center on base)-but it ended up that there was no way we'd be back in time to pick her up before they closed. So we were kind of in a bind.

I cried and cried in that office (VERY unlike me, for those who know me really well) and the manager refused to budge. I tried explaining to her that we HAD NO OTHER OPTION since the CDC would be closed by the time we got back, and that if we had known about this policy beforehand we would have made the appointment for an earlier time so that we COULD drop her off there. She swore up and down that I knew about it, saying that it's on the paper with the initial appointment stuff (which ends up being ball dropped on Naval's part because they were faxed that paper and only relayed the appointment date and time to me) and that I should have gotten paperwork in the mail (nope, I had my appointment for over two months, but nothing. Then she realized the office had only mailed it a few days ago). But then she tried to blame it on the fact that I changed my appointment so otherwise I would have gotten the letter (um, sorry my husband is in the Marine Corps and things change so I have to change appointments too... and plus, seeing as I STILL don't have that letter, it STILL would have been extremely last minute that I found out!) ...so I was seriously sobbing and she was asking what she could do to make the situation better (at this point other patients were going after them, saying that's not fair, how can they do that, etc) and I just sobbed and told them to please make sure that NEVER happens to another person again, because that was completely unfair. So, he didn't get to come back. I cried till I had to go back for my scan. Really took a crap on our really exciting day.

I had an awesome ultrasound tech though. When she started talking to me back in the room I couldn't even talk without crying then either, but it was ok shortly thereafter-she really was sweet and just really helped kind of diffuse my emotions, I guess. She told me when to look away when she was getting the gender shots, and then labeled them (NOT that I needed any labels... they were clear as day!) and put them in a sealed envelope for Patrick and I to open together.

So, now that the huge story is over, I'll get to the the babies!

Both babies are head down right now, both weigh 10oz, and as of yesterday were both measuring at 19w5d, right on target. Baby A, our little girl, is on my left side (I guessed girl on my left and boy on my right! How's that for accuracy!) and her placenta is on the back bottom. Baby B, our little man, is of course on my right and his placenta is on top in the front-might be why I can't feel him kicking quite as much! They both look great-hearts, kidneys, brains, all their fingers and toes... moving around and growing just as they should, in the right amount of fluid they should have!

Baby B, however, has a few soft markers for Down Syndrome. Now, this doesn't mean he'll have it-it's kind of like hindsight pregnancy symptoms, where you were sick but that could have been being sick or morning sickness, you were tired but that could have been a drop in iron or the fact that you worked a long day or because you're pregnant, or you have a ravenous appetite but that's because Aunt Flow is about to arrive or because you are pregnant. Get what I mean? He has a hot spot on his heart-there's a looong name to it but I forget it, and it's REALLY not important anyway-it does absolutely nothing but just exist, it doesn't hinder heart functions or anything (the ultrasound tech said that they probably see that 10 times a day). The only other marker he had was different arm/head size ratios-but like the hindsight symptoms, that could just mean that he has a little wider of a head! They called Naval for my quad screen bloodwork and it came back just fine-so I had the option of getting genetic counseling (to up or lessen our "chances") or an amniocentesis (which would definitely tell us, but comes at a risk) and I declined both.

Right now they put us at a 1/300 risk for it but if that is how God made that baby, so perfect and special and just for us, wasting our time going all the way back down to Savannah to do genetic counseling or possibly risking his little life to get an answer by doing an amnio isn't going to change a thing. Every person on Earth has his or her own challenges and if that's the one that's going to face our little man, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Want to see some pictures now? :)

These ones are of our girl, Baby A:
Our little dude-Baby B!
I admittedly thing this one is a little creepy. haha.
This is my favorite, of them snuggled up together :)
After our appointment we finished some errands we needed done (we rarely venture to that part of Savannah since it's so much of a drive), we caught a few really good deals and got a couple of the babies' first outfits, just to add to the excitement of the day. By the time we got done, fought traffic, and stopped for (a delicious!) dinner, we didn't get home until almost 9. My head was pounding from the stress at the office and it was pretty much all I could do to get the results and the ultrasound pictures posted online before I finally crashed.

Today's a busy one, but a fun one (if I can shake this headache! It's making me go 2 miles per hour). I'm hoping Patrick gets out of work early today so we can go pick out paint, stop by the secondhand store here in town (we've seen BRAND NEW baby outfits in there-win for us!) and just basically keep working and making plans for the nursery, since it's time to be planning now. And I need to plot out our garage sale route for the morning. Cross your fingers I can find a nice big dresser to refinish, I refuse to buy one new!

Thanks for all who got through this post! I know it's a long one but there was just a lot to tell. Thank you for all who are so excited for us and who support us through this-it means so much!

**edit: The letter from the Perinatologist came today. It did indeed specify-in highlighted words-to not bring children, why, and what would happen. My mail runs at three. The CDC closes at 4:30. Even if I hadn't had my appointment changed it still wouldn't have given me time to get all the registration done and get her in. And here's the kicker: the letter was postmarked the ninth, the day before my appointment.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I am SO tired. I just took some meds to try and ward off this horrible headache, and I can't wait to hop in bed and just crash. I promise to get on first thing tomorrow and tell the tale of our super eventful day... for now, here's our super cute girl sharing our super exciting news :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Lazy Baby is no longer as lazy as he or she used to be. Today has been quite the show! Not AS much movement as Active Baby, but I have a feeling that's because the feet face my back so I can't feel those kicks. I've been feeling a lot of movement up there but I think it's arms that are doing it. We'll see tomorrow-eek! I'm just as excited to (hopefully) find out what we're having as I am figuring out how they are situated in there-I used to think I kind of knew but now I have no idea at all. Except that active baby's feet kick me in the front right above my pelvic bone. That I'm pretty sure of. And that's I think why I feel so much pressure all the time.

We're not painting tomorrow. Sad, kind of! By the time we get back the store that sells our paint won't even be open, we didn't get it taped up today and quite frankly I'm sure we'll be exhausted. I'll want to sit on the computer uploading pictures and Patrick will want to relax-so that's just what's going to happen.

For those of you who will be eagerly awaiting the news, you'll have to hold on tight till the evening! Our appointment is at 1, and it'll take 2 or 3 hours to do-and I'm NOT taking my phone in with me (since I'm sure it'll be going nuts) so even family is going to have to wait until the appointment is done.

Lets talk names-or the lack thereof. Looong long time ago when we found out we were having two we kind of threw around a few names. Luckily for the most part we have the same taste, but I was having a hard time with "well I love it but so and so has a baby with that name"-I didn't want to "steal" but I'm not about to get all strange and make up something so unique that no one else has it or anything, so I need to throw that thinking out the window. I also got really overwhelmed with the thought of having to pick out a bunch of boy names and a bunch of girl names, so we decided (well I begged Patrick) to wait until we knew and then we'd go from there. Ironically something popped up in my e-mail inbox today about baby names. I haven't read it yet but I will tomorrow. And if one of our babies ends up with your child's name, I'm not one of those vicious name stealers, I just really like that name. We will not, however, reveal our choices until the babies are born-sorry! I'm not sure if we'll even choose for sure as much as narrow down, we'll see. Gotta keep something exciting though!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Yup, sick. Thankfully it's probably just my sinuses draining, giving me a sore throat... got some meds today before it makes me completely miserable, and aside from feeling completely wiped out, I'm not feeling as horrible as I did last night. It got bad after I posted-my throat was on fire and I had a HORRIBLE case of heartburn. I took a couple of Tums, drank a small glass of milk, popped in a Jolly Rancher to get some saliva working in my favor and sat up for a bit... then went to bed and prayed for quick sleep. Thankfully it worked.

This morning I had an interesting wake-up though-I got up to use the bathroom when Patrick woke up for work, and fell getting out of bed. Our bed is so tall that I kind of slide out of it, I can't just step down and test my footing-so I slid down (I've never had problems before) and apparently something was up with my sciatic nerve because my leg just crumbled as soon as I touched the floor. Thankfully Patrick was right there to help! It happened again when I got up for good, so I just have to start being careful when I get out of bed. (And please, no one worry, I didn't fall hard-I'm too short for that, and we have nice soft carpet!)

I didn't get anything done today that I was hoping to get done. Tomorrow we're in a crunch-I'm just calling it quits on Maya's quilt for a week or so, I'll get it back out once we're done painting and putting furniture together. We need to tape up the room so that Thursday night, if we're feeling really motivated, Patrick can get one coat of paint on. At least it'll make tomorrow fly by-we're getting closer and closer to our appointment!

Speaking of our appointment, make sure and vote (in the sidebar on the right hand side) in the Expect Net poll as to what our babies are. The winner will be the recipient of a gift certificate to one of my favorite companies... but only votes placed before we make the big announcement on Thursday will be eligible! So go vote! (Plus, I'll print out the page to put in their baby books... so it will make it fun for us to look back on someday!)

Monday, March 7, 2011


Well, I feel like crud. I'm getting sick.

I woke up this morning with my throat exceptionally sore (it usually is a tiny bit, as I am a mouth breather, and so at night it irritates my throat) and was ok for most of the day, but since dinner it's steadily gotten worse. I'd usually wait it out and then go in when I am super miserable and can't handle it anymore (I had chronic strep/tonsilitis all through my early years, until moving to North Carolina-I actually had an appointment to get my tonsils removed when I had to skip and make the big move before the one college course I was taking down there began). This time I'm pregnant, tired anyway, and not at ALL willing to put anything in the way of my appointment on Thursday. I don't want to have to make the hour and a half drive down there and then the same all the way back feeling miserable, especially when it's a day we've been SO looking forward to since we found out we were having twins! I'm calling the doctor first thing tomorrow morning, and I hope they can squeeze me in somewhere.

On a good note, we had a really super productive weekend. We completely gutted the garage, sprayed for spiders ('tis about to be the season) and then did some major re-arranging, organizing, and donating to Goodwill. We dragged out all of the baby stuff we'll be needing to clean up and put together in the next few weeks, including the clothes bins... nothing will get washed yet, of course, just stashed in their room after we paint and put the crib back together. We did most of the organizing in their room-I decluttered my craft stuff and put it in new bins so they can actually have a closet-and pretty much as soon as I get Maya's quilt finished we'll be mostly done in there. I had a goal of getting the quilt top done by Wednesday so I could just pack up my sewing stuff for awhile and be done with it but I don't quite see that happening now, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'm ready to be done with it-I started it before I even knew I was pregnant, I think, or shortly thereafter at least. Regardless, we'll have the room cleared out and taped up on Wednesday night for painting to begin on Thursday. Eek!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Every morning I have lofty goals for the day. Nesting takes place, in my head, as Maya and I go through our normal morning routine-breakfast, showers, picking up the kitchen and doing dishes-but then by the time Patrick has been and gone back to work from lunch and Maya has eaten and gone down for a nap my lofty goals take a backseat to my sleepiness. Sleepiness always wins. The mess can (most of the time) wait. So, today is another one of those days. I already have my pillow and blanket on the couch with me and Maya is pretty darn quiet in her room.

One week until we find out what we are having-if they are being cooperative! That gives us a time crunch-one week to clean out their room and get painter's tape around the windows, floorboards, etc. Their room used to be pretty clean actually-and then we gave Maya a big bed and put the (unassembled) crib in their room, along with the bookshelf that will live in there (if there's room), and then last week when we all of a sudden decided to paint the living room it became the dumping ground for the two bigger bookshelves we have. And it's all still in there, waiting to be sorted out (hopefully tonight!) ...but for fairness sake, before we begin, here is a before picture:
If you go here the same thing happened to Maya's room before we started it (at the apartment). No we don't live like that, so don't think we're gross or anything... I think that's just how we do when big projects happen apparently!

And while we're on pictures, here's one of the addition we made to our bedroom-the stepstool finally. And that mess, however, is one I don't plan on cleaning up anytime soon. Not at the top of my list anyway!
Fun fact about last night-the babies kicked each other or something! I've been having a hard time feeling the second baby, which admittedly makes me nervous (because I tend to be nervous about everything) but last night I was feeling him or her a little bit (maybe, if the placenta is in the way, preventing me from typically feeling the movement, little baby has grown enough to where the placenta isn't completely in the way anymore? Who knows!). Active Baby of course was going at it. All of a sudden Active Baby kicked and moved pretty big and immediately after Lazy Baby reacted-like a pa-pow! It was really funny-I definitely got a kick out of it-and I'm sure it's just a small taste of what I will be experiencing soon!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Back from five wonderfully amazing, relaxing days of rest and relaxation in Florida! It was just what I needed-the Braxton Hicks died down a lot-but I'm definitely starting to feel very pregnant. My belly feels like it weighs a ton and is SO heavy-here and there it really hurts to walk. And when I need to go to the bathroom I really have the pregnant waddle going on. I need to look into one of those belly support things or something, haha! I took an 18 week picture on Saturday but it wasn't anything great, since it wasn't in front of my normal window, but I got one of Maya and I later that evening:

I tried to work on my weight gain a little while in Florida but only gained one pound. If I did the same thing not pregnant, it would have for sure easily been five! We're getting there-eleven pounds so far.

Today Maya and I went to lunch at our favorite bagel place on our way to go grocery shopping. I had my usual, a turkey wrap with lettuce and jalapeno cream cheese-I ate half of it, and then by the time I started on the other half Active Baby was going WILD! I'm not sure if that was a "I really like it" or "I really hate it"-I'm curious as to how quickly the babies start to get the nutrients from the food I eat and how quickly blood sugar levels change, etc, and if me starting to eat really had an impact. I've noticed before that Active Baby seems really sensitive to whenever I eat or whenever I drink a little caffeine, so I'm curious to see how it'll play out for the rest of my pregnancy and how he or she will be (personality wise) after birth. Of course I tried to eat a little oatmeal a bit ago to try to get Active Baby to move and kick in hopes that maybe Patrick could feel (though he didn't feel Maya until 21 weeks so I'm not holding my breath) but of course apparently it's naptime. When I go to bed and Patrick is snoring away that's when the action will begin.

Speaking of Patrick-7 weeks gone to Arizona has probably been drastically reduced to a little "I'll sleep good for a few days with the bed to myself" trip! Super excited and hoping it stays the same. This unit just works so much differently than our last one did, dynamics wise, they have a completely different focus-it's taken a little adjusting but at least we're really not new to this anymore! Hope and pray it stays the same, folks... I'd really LOVE him here for most of the upcoming weeks as the everyday things are starting to be more of a challenge!