Sunday, April 27, 2008


Time for pictures I suppose...
I keep getting phone calls asking for them, so I figure I'll post a couple on here so you can see my progression in just the past couple of weeks.

This one was taken when I was 10 weeks along... you have to take into consideration that I had pudge to begin with, we all know I am a curvy girl and that's no secret, so this is pretty much me and not baby I am absolutely sure.

So fast forward to now... three weeks later. The babe has definitely moved up into my abdomen, methinks.

Patrick's in for quite the surprise when he sees me. Its the curse of the 4'11 girl with basically NO length in the torso area... My friend Trina is the same way and she is a boat now (and I say boat so very lovingly, I know I will be there someday)... every week when I see new pictures of her (we have the same belly book so she takes a picture every week to put in it as well) I get chills. She has 8 weeks to go and I honestly don't know how she functions-or gets around without tipping over.

As for the bout of sick I had last night, I fear its not over. I haven't been sick again since, but I just have that feeling. A girl I know told me that she was miserable and threw up all second trimester of both her pregnancies... gooooodie... I thought I was out of the woods!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


(and I say 13w because yes, it is after midnight, but I haven't gone to sleep yet... which the going to sleep and getting up constitutes the new day in my mind.)

Wow. So interesting story. For some reason, at 1am on the last week of my first trimester, out of nowhere, I threw up.

Funny thing is-I never throw up, ever, so this is kind of odd for me.
Last time I threw up was when I randomly had the flu this past January... and then I only really knew I was sick because I was heaving everything.
Before that, my last throwing up happened in the fall when I was having my gallbladder attacks and couldn't even so much as keep water down.
But still I'm not quite worried... I don't think?

I didn't do anything out of the ordinary today. I ate things I have eaten a million times before, and it was nothing that would even have the possibility of having food poisoning or something like that. I ate dinner (ravioli) at like 6 or 7 tonight, and have been hanging out since. Then I went and tried to go to bed... but of course my awesome bodily intuition (really, I'm thankful for it, and so is my quilt and down comforter) said hey lady, you're going to throw up. And I really only barely made it around the corner and into the bathroom. But there wasn't much... really just dry heaves and stomach acid and oh, my prenatal pill. (Which has never ever made me sick before either)

Note to self: waiting to make Patrick clean the manly part of the toilet because he was lazy and didn't do it before he left TOTALLY backfired.

So I don't know what's going on. I don't know why it would be "morning sickness" because I am this far in and nothing so far as got me close to throwing up before. Patrick said that I might be just a late bloomer... I told him to shut it.

It's just a bummer... I'm so tired... but I can still feel another one just looming there, just waiting for me to climb back up into bed again (which is a feat because the mattress goes up higher than my waist, this will be interesting when I am at whale status) and then have to go running again.

It might just be an interesting night...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


When I was lying on my belly (on the couch) today...

Did I feel little one moving around, or was that just my mind playing games?

Monday, April 21, 2008


This is hilarious, I stumbled upon it earlier. Please... whoever you are, reading this... take it, and for my amusement tell me what you get!

Apparently the internet can tell you if you are pregnant or not... the first time I took it it told me that I am not, and the second time it told me I am pregnant with a 15 pounder, the daddy being Pee Wee Herman.

In other news... I am craving jordan almonds like woah!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Guess what!!

We're UNDER 200 days till the baby comes!

(Or should I say... the baby BETTER not dare come more than 199 days from now... HAHA!)


Monday, April 14, 2008


Dear Target,

My favorite store in the universe-usually you never disappoint me. However, today I was devastated to discover your lame excuse for a maternity section. Online, of course, you have a lovely selection... but when I went to look at swimsuits there were NONE-and when I was looking for the completely adorable red shirt I wanted to nab and put away of course you had maybe two choices... neither of them being said red shirt. Which I would really like to try on, not just guess and buy. What gives? Today will go down in history as the day you let me down.

And Jacksonville, dear Jacksonville...

You'd think that with 60% of the town's female population being pregnant at any given time (seriously, people) you'd have a maternity store. Just one at least. But no! So now, if I don't want to wait for my swimsuit to be SHIPPED on May 12th or later I have to go to Wilmington for my goods. Do you not realize that NOW is beach weather, not post-May 12th?! This is madness. Too bad I won't get some kind of coupon or discount for having to drive so far.

In good news... I bought a baby name book today!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Well I think the sweet pregnancy hormones have kicked in today... in the form of grumpiness and annoyance.

First of all, my body is starting to revolt against Spaghettios. It used to be that, if I NEEDED to eat and couldn't get anything else down, that was my staple. It was all I could do to choke down a bowl of them tonight... and actually I didn't finish it all.

And then there is my lovely husband. I love him very very much... just remember that.

I called him this afternoon to wake him up (he gets up at 430 our time) ...he was SUCH a grump so after he retorted some smart remark about I don't even remember what, I told him to just go work out, get ready, and eat dinner... and to call when he was ready to be nice. That ended that.

So time passes by, and passes and passes... then it gets to be almost 8 our time (I thought he was continuing to pout and I wasn't about to call when he would have just still been grumpy) and he finally calls... he JUST WOKE UP. He slept three more hours. So that means no gym and he has to bust to get ready, get to dinner, and get to work... no talking to his little wife over here who was very cranky in the first place. He said he didn't feel good, and he hadn't been feeling good... well this just set me off.

First of all, he refuses to ever take medicine... ever. So it's just going to get worse and worse. If he would have taken medicine when he first felt bad, chances are he might have caught it before it did anything. His buddy at work came down with bronchitis out there, and I TOLD him, like two or three nights ago, that he better be sucking down the juice because he can't get sick...

And then there is the part where yes he's sick, so he's just going to sleep all day, and sorry maybe I'll talk to you tomorrow honey... what, does he think I am sitting in a field of daisies back here? For the past month or more I've been nauseous every day, hardly been able to choke food down, exhausted as can be... but yet today when I was reeeeally wanting a nap I stayed up so I could be sure to be awake when it was time to call and wake him. Because little does he understand, talking to him is the light of my miserable excuse of an existence right now... so today has been completely pointless. I wish I could sleep through the next two weeks, because then hopefully my body will somewhat have adjusted and Patrick will be back so at least I will have someone to cook and clean after. He just doesn't get it.

He's going to be in for a rude awakening when I get a moody day AND I have a huge belly to tote around and a child playing games with my organs.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Well today I went in for my very first prenatal appointment... finally.. not much to report.

I've only gained three pounds since I've been pregnant... I'm pretty happy with that number since I know that when this queasiness goes away and I get further in I will be getting scolded... I can see it already.

Bloodwork came back fine... I'm not anemic, and I am not at risk for German Measles.

Oh, and I discovered that the baby takes after me already... it's as lazy as can be! Story: So the midwife went to listen to the heartbeat with the doppler... well I'm not far along enough for that apparently, she heard it for a split second and then couldn't find it again so she just went to get the portable ultrasound machine. Hooked that up, covered me in goo, and yep there was baby... heart pumping away, you could see it, and she was trying to get it to move around for me... but the little snot didn't want to. She poked at it and had me cough, but the only thing it would do was raise its little arm at me (probably giving me the finger for disturbing its slumber). It looks exactly the same as it did in the picture almost two weeks ago only it was tilted a little more toward me so I could see its little arms and the jawbone. So so neat even if it hadn't changed much! So my next appointment is in five weeks, and Patrick will be at that one... Cross your fingers for me, next week I am going to be on the phone trying to finagle another ultrasound somehow!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Well we're finally 2-1 with gender dreams... last night I had a dream that we had a little girl! But of course somehow in the dream it skipped from birth to about 6 months old... and I had noooo idea what I was doing! I made her formula wrong and everything...

But in this dream she had curly hair like mine was when I was a wee one, and it was light brown, almost blonde hair... yeah I definitely don't think that's going to happen with the dark locks Patrick and I both have.

Oh pregnant dreams!

Monday, April 7, 2008


I had another dream last night that we had a boy (that makes 2 dreams boy, no dreams girl). I don't remember much about it... but he had the most beauuuutiful green eyes, and he was so cuddly... I remember not remembering much about L&D so I thought it was a piece of cake. (HA! not my luck methinks... ask me in a little less than 30 weeks when I do go through it!)

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Today I feel like... crap.
I have no energy.
I can't move from my place on the couch.
And I just got up from an almost three hour nap.
I'm pretty pathetic.

In other news, I got my belly touched for the first time today... and I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. I've always thought I would be fine with it... but I think it's the fact that some of it is still me, the baby is just pushing it out... if there were more baby to be felt that would be one thing... errrr I don't know.

Blah to today!

Friday, April 4, 2008


I can't tell you how excited I am to be here... 10 weeks tomorrow! I just feel so good and not at all nervous anymore.

I had the best dinner tonight, and I really have to go stock up-66 cent personal pizzas from the commissary! That and those little blackberry/raspberry dudes that I can never ever get enough of... I was actually FULL-first time in a month or more I'm sure! I know there will be a rumbling in coming hours... but I was a smart girl and bought a block of sharp cheddar. And some cream cheese so I can make a tuna cheeseball.

Exciting thing of the day is that Patrick and I are talking about just paying out of pocket to get another ultrasound done when he comes home from WTI... where we are right now it'll be another 2 months before he hears the heartbeat (when I have my second prenatal appointment... we have them every 6 weeks, and conveniently my first one is in a week) and around 3 more months or more till we get our second-and only other-ultrasound. I found a place called Womb's Window who has a whole package-30 minute DVD (which I don't think they do at all at the Naval Hospital, and that's a bummer), a bunch of prints of the baby... it's in 3D and 4D which I'm not too hot on, but whatever... in the grand scheme of things it's a pretty great thing to pull out $175 bucks out of savings for to pay to see our unborn child... if we don't get to do it then whatever, but it would be pretty neat methinks. I am looking around to see if I can find somewhere cheaper that does just regular ultrasounds and dvd' we'll see! If we did it it would be in the next 4 weeks... so it would be something awesome to look forward to. And it'll be so fun to see how much the baby's grown in that period of time!

Wellll it's now not even 8pm... and since I am pathetically tired I think I will wash up and hop into bed for the night!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Rant of the day: What is UP with maternity swimsuits?

I live 20 minutes from the ocean. The months of April, May, and June are spent on the beach.
No exceptions.
One day I'll be not living this close to it and missing it so I am taking advantage of it while I can.

So.... I tried on my swimsuit from last year, a lovely black tankini. Just like EVVVVERYTHING else... it's not fitting quite so well. It's not terrible... it's just not as um, flattering as it could be... everything is kind of squeezed into place (or well, not so into place).

Option #1: I could go for a bikini. There is no other time in my life, I am convinced, that I will look decent in one. I never have, and surely after a baby that won't be an option... I won't share that with the world. BUT when you're pregnant, there's this cute little belly... you have a reason for being a little "curvier"... but at this point I am still in the "woah is she pregnant or did she gain a lot of weight" phase... definitely not ok for a bikini. And I need something for about... now, not two months from now when it's obvious.

Option #2: Maternity swimsuit. Problem: All the ones I have seen are SO UGLY! These make the same problem as before-I just look like I am getting fat and am wearing a modest swimsuit to cover it up. And by the peak of summer I am not going to be THAT big yet-so there will be a lot of loose fabric, which can be dreadfully unforgiving.

So... what to do?!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Well, while I sit here completely annoyed waiting for my one hour photo order to go through AGAIN at Walmart, I suppose I will do some writing.

My friend Trina recommended The Belly Book to me-after my ultrasound on Monday I went out and picked it up-and I LOVE it! It has tons of spaces for pictures of your belly(week by week, so I have to get busy) and of your ultrasounds, and has (relevant, unlike other books) questions about how you're feeling, foods you are craving and avoiding, etc. I haven't gotten too far into it yet, but what I've done so far I've really enjoyed.

Which brings me to Walmart.

I finally broke down and took a belly picture, although it looks more like me being a fatty versus a little one in there, and uploaded that, copies of the ultrasound pictures, and pictures of our positive pregnancy tests-all for this little book because I really want to work on it today and get caught up (since Saturday I will be TEN weeks and I'll have more to do!) I upload the pictures and long story short, when I go up there to get them they are NOT there. They haven't even been put through. The lady asked me if I got a confirmation number... no I didn't, I had to go through a bunch of silly stuff with my Visa and then the page kind of stopped-so I guess its my fault partially, I should have called and made sure it was there, so I just paid for the few things I had and got a ten dollar Walmart gift card so I could come back here and RE-order everything, hassle free. So now I have to be back up at Walmart in eh, a half hour or so. There's nothing I hate more than having to go to Walmart in the first place... let alone two times in just a couple of hours. I really miss Meijer sometimes. Ok all the time.

Did I post on here that a couple of days ago I had a dream that we had a boy? Well I did. And in the dream we named him Cameron-which is (in real life) what we wanted before-but then we realized that oh CRAP, we weren't supposed to name him Cameron (a girl whom neither one of us really care for named her little boy Cameron and it kind of ruined it) and we were rushing and frazzled trying to re-name our baby. But the little one was sooooo cute... and it made me really eager for the next 30 weeks to pass.

Oh-and so exciting-We have our first baby clothes! The first one (that says Stud Muffin) I bought for a friend, but decided to keep it for myself because I love it so much... it was kind of silly to get it in a 0-3 months anyway, since her baby will be born in June and it's long sleeved. So since ours will be born in November, long sleeves are quite ok. The second one Mom Haney got-they are desert and green cammie onesies-they will be just fine for a boy or a girl! We've decided to pick up clothes for a boy or a girl if we see them and have to have them (especially since I am such a sale shopper) and the ones we don't need we'll give away or return them if it's in the applicable time range. We aren't going to go hog wild, but it's just not my personal preference to dress my baby in all green or yellow-it makes for an awkward moment when people don't know the gender and get it wrong. I wish I could just do baby showers AFTER the birth-so we can avoid the "everything yellow and green" dilemma-but we'll see.