Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today I finally took my belly ring out because it looks like my belly button is going to pop soon... probably still a week or so away, but it's definitely getting more and more shallow.

I'm definitely in that phase where I feel like crap. I shouldn't, because Trina is giving me her bella bands and so as soon as I get those I'll be fitting back into my size 6 jeans till the hips widen... that should make me feel better, right? wrong. No shirts fit. I'm always just wearing a t-shirt or three of the maternity shirts that actually fit me right now... the rest are too big and they look dumb. And then my pre-pregnancy shirts just stretch to their max and I'd really like to NOT wear them so they aren't all stretched out for after. You should've seen the mess I made last night trying to find something to go out to dinner and a movie with the girls. BLAH!

I can't believe I'm about halfway through. I vote on the baby coming approximately 20 weeks from now... not 22.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Current annoyance: maternity clothes.

Um, hello maternity clothes designers, short people get pregnant too.
How about some capris that don't go down to the ground?!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hello, Braxton Hicks.

At least that is what I am thinking... for the past two days when I've made a certain bathroom call, I've felt it-and that's the only thing I can think of. I tried to read up on it a little bit, and the couple of things I read said anytime after 6 weeks really... so whatever, I go back to the doc in a couple of weeks, I'll ask them.

Also, my mouth has been experiencing a not so fun thing. And it didn't even hit me that it was pregnancy related till I read something about it in one of my books this morning. I've always had really sensitive gums (bleed like crazy every time I go to the dentist) but the past couple weeks I have woke up every morning with dried blood across my teeth-and often the same after I brush. Well apparently this little wonder is referred to as the "pink toothbrush"-awesome. I am actually going in for a cleaning on Thursday, so I will ask them more about it then.

And then the buttons on my capris are finally starting to pull a little too much... I think some maternity ones are finally in store for me. But I made it this far without them... woohoo!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


17 weeks! I was going through the usual week-by-week stuff, seeing what is happening now with baby and I... the things that stood out most were that the baby is getting a little fat this week and that it can now hear things outside. So What does Patrick do when I tell him he can talk to the baby now and it will hear him? He starts saying "Who's your daddy! Who's your daddy! I'm your daddy!" in the goofiest voice... you'da had to have been there I suppose.

Also... the past two days I have noticed sooo much movement. It used to be just after I ate and sometimes before I went to bed, but now it's more regular and far stronger-which I absolutely love! I think I may have felt my first kick the other night-it seemed like a whop out of the middle of nowhere-so we'll see.

On the not so fun side the muscle that I usually have problems with-the major one that runs along my spine-has been throbbing and spasming so much over the past three days that it's taken work to get to sleep at night. I'm not sure it's pregnancy related, probably not as I have had this problem since high school-but it doesn't help that I can't take my usual concoction of medicine to make it feel better. I guess it's time to go old fashioned and dig out the heating pad!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


First of all-congratulations to Nicole who had Hudson yesterday! (I hope I have as good of labor as you did!!) She's the first of a few friends who are pregnant now too to deliver... over the next month or two there will be another 3 or 4... then there are a couple scattered here or there, and then there is me, and there are actually a couple friends from college and high school that are due around the same week as I am.

Not much news to report... I'm still having a lot of pain, a couple of times it's had me hunched over and unable to move my right leg... I'm making a VERY concious effort to drink a TON of water, but it seems like whatever I do drink it's not enough. I think I will steal one of Patrick's gallons of water out of the trunk (he takes them to work to drink) and MAKE sure I drink it every day. And then if I do that for a few days and it's no better, I'm going in. This is silly. I shouldn't be in this much pain this early on.

We're about to make a huge improvement on the baby's room... we found a storage unit we are going to throw our other couch, the coffee table, MAYBE the entertainment center and some storage bins in. We hate to get rid of the furniture, because we know we'll regret it and want it in a few years when we get a house (I love that couch so much-well we both do-that we're willing to shell out the bucks to get it reupholstered). So I'm looking forward to getting all that stuff out of there and making more room in here-we have a ton of room now but we'll need more as we continue to get baby stuff.

So after all that's out we will make the decision to paint or not (I wanted to, but now I'm kind of leaning to NO just so I don't have to deal with that much more hassle). And then we are going to buy more bookshelves (we have the set in our livingroom, but we're just going to get two of the 3-shelf ones to house our scads of books in the baby's room). We're going to do something a little different for clothes storage... MAYBE... more on that later... And then I suppose it will be time to look for a crib and dresser, and start on our registries... it has just hit me over the past couple of weeks that there is a TON to do and I better do it before I don't have the energy to do it, and then the girl I know who went 3 months early just freaked me out, really. I mean I know I will go early, all the Barette girls always do... but now I'm just spooked and wondering... what happens if it's REALLY early. More than a couple weeks early.

Speaking of early... for that same reason I need to get back on hounding my husband about names. It's his turn to make a list. We have a girl's name that we really really like, but we're not doing anything till he's made his list... and probably till the baby's actually born. We want our choices all mapped out though.

I want a Monster really really bad. Really bad. I told Patrick that at the 4 weeks left mark one will be IN the fridge ready to throw in the hospital bag for me to drink as soon as I can. Even though it would totally be defeating the purpose, they should make one that is caffeine free...

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Woohoo! finally at the four month mark! Here's my belly now... grown a bit this week!

Also, we have been stopping in to some of our well loved stores snagging clearance newborn and first year things, in both genders... we went to Old Navy last week and got some 2 dollar steals, and went to Gap kids today and actually some of the onesies I had been eyeing were marked down to $6.99 so we grabbed them. This is what we got:

Thursday, May 15, 2008


We got to see the baby today!!

Today's appointment went great and really just made my day or week or month till the next time I get to see the little miracle. At the beginning of the appointment I explained to her that we had been trying for months to get pregnant, and as soon as we did he had to leave and missed all of the appointments, and hadn't seen the baby yet... I asked her if there was any way she could bring in the portable machine, and she said that they really aren't supposed to, but at the end she would see what she could do.

So everything looks good and on track so far... I've lost a pound from pre-pregnancy weight and my first appointment, but they aren't concerned about it yet this early when the baby is still so little. I have been having a lot of pressure and almost cramps this week, and she said it's because I am not drinking enough water... blah blah blah fine. We heard the heartbeat, but she couldn't get a count on what it was (she said at LEAST the 150s) because the little bugger was moving around so much... I didn't realize what I heard was it kicking till she pointed it out to me!

And yes. At the end, she did bring the ultrasound machine. She said it hadn't been working right lately so we'd just see... it fired right up, and I'm sure that was due to the massive amount of praying that happened by lots of people to make sure he got to see the baby today. She let us look for a good long while... boy is that kid a MOVER! it was all over the place... sucking its thumb (awwww) stretching out, twisting and turning... we got to see everything-legs, hands, fingers, feet... there is so much of a difference from what it looks like now to what it looked like 7 weeks ago. I am just amazed about this little life that's growing inside of me... there really aren't words unless you've been there yourself.

Overall it was a great day and a great appointment... off to get ready for Mom and Dad Haney to get here!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008



That's what I say to my uterus...
Over the past 24 hours it has just HURT!

I am not worried about it, as if it was something bad it would be accompanied by worse things (blood, throwing up, all those icky details you could probably do without) so I entertained the ideas of a) dehydration, even though the main indicator of dehydration said no, I drank lots of water through the day and night anyway, and that hasn't helped so b) I'm going with the fact that this growth spurt is just stretching me and I can definitely feel it.

Comparing my 12-13-14-15 week pictures you can only see a slight change, and I was wondering about that, but on Saturday when I was putzing around looking at 15 week info I saw that these next few weeks are growth spurt #2 time (the last one is what put me from nothing to this, see weeks 10 and 12 pictures for reference) so that's so much fun. In the next week I will be visiting the maternity section again (hopefully Target won't let me down this time) to get some totally cool elastic banded capris... my beloved khaki ones are getting tight at the waist.

And last night I indulged in the first "I'm craving this lets go get it now" run... before when it happened Patrick was in Yuma and I didn't want to venture out late half asleep... yesterday when it came dinnertime I was too sick to my stomach to eat what we were having (or much of anything really) so I had a bowl of cereal, which is always good on my stomach. So by the time 9pm rolled around I was really really hungry and there wasn't much to just grab and have... Patrick made the mistake of mentioning a roast beef sandwich so off to Arby's it was. It was delicious. I thought that eating crappy food that late would keep me up all night (it usually does) but nope... slept like a baby. My husband is awesome.

Doc appointment on Thursday... start saying prayers now that they take pity and wheel in the portable ultrasound machine so Patrick can see our baby for the first time!

Friday, May 9, 2008



That's how Gap makes me feel right now about not finding out the gender of our little one.

Because if we were having a boy, I'd pick this for the nursery.
And if we were having a girl, I would soooooo pick this.

And also depending on gender, I want this and this and this and this and this (even though it will be too cold for the baby as a newborn to wear flip flops but spring will be just around the corner).

Guess who will be hitting the sales later this summer and stocking up for either one...

Thursday, May 8, 2008


We have picked out bedding!

When Patrick came home I had a MILLION different tabs open on Firefox with all of the different ones I liked... we went back and forth but decided on this one. There were quite a few others I really really loved but living in an apartment we can only do so much-we can't put up a border or do anything really funky on the walls. And Patrick really liked this one.

So hopefully we'll be ordering it in the morning (yeah stimulus check!) and getting it soon after... if we don't like it we'll just send it back and we will just pick something else, and if we do we can take a swatch to Lowe's and pick up some paint... and get this room started!

I WILL specify though-its just the bedding that we're getting like that, and probably the hamper, curtains, and mobile. They are just cute. I could make it all I'm sure but... it's our first, I'll spoil the little sucker. It is NOT going to be a super themed room-we aren't filling it with stars and moons all over!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Totally stole Nicole's ExpectNet poll from her page... well made one of my own anyway. Do go and make your guess... the link is in the sidebar!

Friday, May 2, 2008


We actually made it out to Wilmington last night!

(Amir ended up having flipping BRONCHITIS... yeah if I would have caught that someone's face would have been ripped off I'm sure...)

We had a lovely time, we ate a quick dinner at Flaming Amy's-our favorite little cheap find, a "burrito barn" with all kinds of sassy salsas-last night I enjoyed some chips with peach ginger salsa and regular old normal salsa. And a chicken taco. For 2 bucks.

Sooo the Motherhood store in Wilmington.


They had about 5 different selections for swimsuits-THANKFULLY I found one in my size that I liked a lot... but they had none of the ones I had previously admired from their website. This is the one I ended up getting, in the "brown dot" color.

And then I got this shirt in the orange color-Patrick loved it, I wasn't going to get it right now because of the price (it all adds up quick, and lets face it... the military isn't making us millionaires here) but he was really excited over it... and really, I'm needing it now. The swatch on the page doesn't do it justice... I'll be wearing it today so if I get a decent picture somewhere perhaps I'll stick it up.

I also got this tank top in the teal color... but looking it up online its not as cute as it really is, and again the color is odd..

So that's my adventure in my first maternity clothes buying. I'm excited because they are way more comfortable, I won't be pulling my shirt down all the time.. and I won't look like the fatty who just needs to buy bigger clothes (HAHA). I think I'll be the thrifty sale shopper and keep my eye out for sales in the ads on Sundays and slowly build my collection... so if anyone sees cute stuff, send me the link!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Wow. All of a sudden days just flew. I'm almost 14 weeks now. I guess that's what happens though when I am not just sitting around while my husband is on the other side of the United States, right? :)

So exciting news... I've been feeling the baby move around! At first I could only feel it at night when we were lying down watching tv... but then yesterday I was driving and I felt it on my left side, quite a bit... and then it moved to my right side. So I came to the conclusion that no, it can't just be my mind playing tricks on me, it's not my stomach growling and I am definitely not sick... it's baby! I wish so bad that Patrick could feel too, that he could experience it... other than me just telling him its happening... I can't wait for the kicking and moving stuff to start (although I'll probably take that back at some point when its 3am and CANNOT sleep with my soccer star practicing inside) ...what do I have, another month or month and a half for that? Sooooo excited. Now the fun really starts, and I am so glad.

The fatigue has definitely backed off a lot, thankfully... maybe its because I have more things to fill my day, I'm not sure, but I have energy now, although when its bedtime I just crash. The nausea has been pretty good, although when I cooked steaks for fajitas the other night I made Patrick throw them away and we went to get Subway... the steaks just weren't doing it for me (they had been up in the freezer for a good minute anyway).

I'm hoping we don't have Amir tonight... he's sick. Again. He has allergies or a bad cold but she won't take him to the doctor. Wellll I don't want to get it! She told me when she dropped him off yesterday to make sure I stayed away from him... yeah since that is going to do a lot of good when he is sneezing and snotting all over MY stuff and just wants to climb in my lap. Kind of annoyed. We only have him for another week... her last final is the 8th... and I am so so glad.

I too want to not have him tonight because I really really need to go to the mall in Wilmington. (It's over an hour drive to get to the mall.. each way, so going after isn't an option.) As I noted before we have NO maternity stores here, and I really need a swimsuit (so I can stop wearing my tube top and strapless bra and old swim bottoms to the beach, and our POOL which opens this weekend) and I would like to get a couple of maternity tops... I can still fit into a lot of my shirts, but with some things it just looks like I have a fat belly and don't know how to dress for my size. I'd like to get something nice for this weekend since Grandparents Haney will be here and we'll be going to the air show on Saturday. Yes, buying stuff off the internet is an option, but everything is backordered way far... at least the swim stuff I want. And I am craving Buffalo Wild Wings and the closest one is in Wilmington...