Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Soooo I had an appointment yesterday... it turned out to be the most aggravating and frustrating appointment yet, and left me in tears every time I would talk to anyone about it last night.

Everything is looking just fine. I've gained 2lbs since last week (and honestly one of those pounds are probably from the lunch I ate and giant pop I had drank right before). Blood pressure continues to be just dandy. This week my belly was measuring at 36 weeks right on the dot, and her heartbeat was strong in the 140's. So I should be happy, right?

I asked her if they were going to check me (as it is common knowledge-and was told to us at our orientation) since I'm 36 weeks now, and she said no. Now they don't do that till 38 weeks, and it's even optional then. So cool... it's not a big deal, I'd just like to know where I'm sitting at-if I've made any progress at all. And THEN she tells me when she hands me the appointment slip that they'll see me back in TWO weeks. I have never ever in my life heard of that before... when you are this far along its common sense and just peace of mind for the mother to be to be seen every week, because things could change so quickly, we have questions all the time about new things that pop up... and I just like to be assured that everything is fine. Especially with this being my first baby, I really really got flustered with that. I know she knows what she is doing-but come ON.

And so I went to make my appointment for two weeks. That would be the 20th. Well, there was nothing available-at ALL-for that entire week, let alone close to the beginning of the week... there was one appointment on the 24th but the lady who does the scheduling and the nurse didn't know if that would do since it's 2 1/2 weeks and lets face it... that's a long time. That is EIGHT days before my due date. I guarantee she's going to be here before that. So the schedule lady and the nurse couldn't get back ahold of the midwife since she was in with another patient already, they said they'd call later on that afternoon when they figured out what to do with me... and as of now, 8:30 the next morning, I still haven't heard anything.

And then at the end of all that I had to get an HIV test. No biggie, it just became North Carolina law since I got my initial bloodwork done that if the mother isn't screened for it then the baby has to as soon as it is born-and there is no way they are going to be fishing through my newborn's tiny veins for some blood if they don't have to. So the lady shot through my first vein and then got it with the second, and so that just annoyed me more since I was already irritated in the first place.

So I'm in a pretty foul mood still from all of this. It's just a bummer. I feel like I've been screwed around with appointments this entire pregnancy-if you remember correctly there was one time that I went 9 weeks between appointments-but I suppose that's the military for ya.

Just start praying for labor now... the midwife said that if I went, at this point, all would be well and they would not try and stop me. I'm ready to meet my little girl.


CassJustCurious said...

Oh how I remember these feelings. I found myself getting all heated on your behalf while reading your post. When I was 38 weeks along and they guy wasn't going to "check" me I looked him dead in his eye and said "you are going to check me because I am not leaving this office until I KNOW that I'm making progress. Understand?". It's like they don't get it at all! I mean your entire life is basically in holding for this one little person to arrive and you're just looking for an ESTIMATED time of arrival - or confirmation that it's NOT today so you can go and get a pedicure for goodness sake. Well I feel ya and I'd say "it'll all be worth it" but I flipped those people off when they said it to me so I'll save you the energy of flipping me off and I'll just say "keep on keeping on"

Gage and Ashley said...

I know what you are going through! THe same kind of thing happened to me! Just keep your mind on the baby and cus out the docs behind their backs! THat seemed to help me! Good Luck and she will be here before you know it!!!