Tuesday, October 21, 2008


38w3d. 38w3d. 38w3d. You'd think my body would be doing SOMETHING to get ready to push this baby out, right?


I mean she's as far down as she's going to get. Lt. Summerville could feel her head, right there, when she checked me. She's a low rider, and she's not going anywhere else.

As far as anything else... NOTHING. I'm dilated "maybe a fingertip". My cervix was way too far back to check-meaning no telling if I'm effaced at all, and there was no checking if that plug was still there.

Worst of all, that meant NO membrane stripping. She was going to try... I was SO excited because that meant if my body was ready, that would really fast forward everything. But nope... no dice. I'm just left in a gloomy mood with not a likely chance of her coming anytime in the next week (Lt. Summerville's opinion anyway) and now I'm crampy because she was messing with everything down there. I can hope that that might kick start something, but I'm not really optimistic about that since it did NOTHING when they checked me 3 weeks ago. I was really thinking this baby was coming in the next couple of days. The house is completely clean. Dishes are done. Orders are cought up on. I have nothing to do but wait.

Lt. Summerville is the midwife on duty on Thursday and Friday nights... so she said to come up there then and ask to see her and she'd check me again, and if things were better she'd try and strip the membranes then. Bless her heart, she's so wonderful... she knows how done and frustrated I am. So after my KV meeting Thursday night we'll go try... so please please pray that things start happening and things move to where they need to be... Oh gosh I need to go find some chocolate.


Jen Gienapp said...

oh mandy, hang in there, your little girl will be here soon!

p.s. i kind of sort of ripped off your blog name for my new baby blog. don't hate me!

CassJustCurious said...

Are we sisters???? Do we share at least ONE parent???? Or maybe our girls are just destined to be friends because they are doing the SAME things to us. I have this to say: You may think that having them play Hunt the Cervix is a good idea. You may demand that they play Hunt the Cervix. Let me assure you this game only hurts one person YOU and while they "say" it can help speed things up I basically held my doctor down at 39 weeks and said "you find that cervix, I don't care if you're whole damn hand is up there. YOU FIND THE CERVIX and you tell me where I'm at. PRONTO" I think you'll remember that Lexi was born about 2 weeks after that.

I hope that pee'ing yourself sensation means your girl is on the way!