Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Definitely thought I was in labor yesterday.

It was perpetuated a lot by me-since the weekend Patrick and I have been walking (a good long way, he thinks I'm overdoing it) every day. Yesterday was a full moon (I am a believer in the full moon madness-especially after my time spent in the classroom) and for lunch I had ordered Eggplant Parm from Olive Garden-it was yucky in my opinion, I think it was the texture that did me in, but I ate it anyway because of the theory that it puts women in labor-and then I went on my jolly way doing errands and such.

All afternoon I felt sooo sick to my stomach. Just gross. I figured I ate too much of the eggplant parm-I was kind of stuffed-but then when I was walking through the Commissary I started to be in a lot of pain, a lot in my back, at times almost like she was playing with my spinal cord or something. Very sharp, and it radiated. Sometimes I had to just stop and stretch myself out a bit. I got done with that and sat in the car outside Patrick's shop waiting for him to get off work, and I started feeling contractions-they didn't have a definite beginning or end, it was perpetual pain and then every few minutes it would just double in an almost sickening wave. That lasted for the hour that I was waiting for Patrick, and then we got home, he unloaded the car, I didn't eat dinner, I was too sick to my stomach. Then it was pretty allright. I was in a lot of pain all night but the contraction feeling part of it stopped, and I was in bed by 8, completely whooped.

This is where I wish the Naval Hospital wouldn't have screwed me over. I should have had an appointment yesterday or today. I could have asked them these questions then, and they could have checked me today to say oh yeah, you're getting somewhere-or clarified what it was I was feeling (back labor I'm GUESSING? I don't know, I have never had a baby before) ...I am not one of those people who go running to the hospital for every little thing, so I don't want to go up to L&D for them to say "oh it's nothing" again. It wastes my time and theirs, and I don't want to keep pulling Patrick out of work. They are doing too much important stuff right now with predeployment beginning, and he needs to be there as much as possible.

This morning I woke up with a sharp, sharp pain in my right side. Soon after I woke up it went away. No clue what it was. Baby has been quiet this morning, but I'm thankful to be at that point where I can shake her around, wake her up and make her mad and I'll get some kind of movement, even if it's little.

I think it's going to be soon, especially if last night was the beginning of something. We've been keeping the apartment as picked up as possible, and I am about to vacuum and dust and finish the laundry and then it will be completely done-just in case.

Come on, little Maya... it's time!


gage and mommy said...

When I was in labor, with back labor, my sister asked what it felt like since she was going to be in my position in 6 weeks, and I explained to her that it felt like periods cramps on CRACK!!! So, if you feel like you are having MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR period cramps in your back it could be back labor! I hope you don't have to experience it though! IT is bad and not fun at all! My whole labor was back labor and until I got my epidural I thought I was going to die... and I have a pretty high pain tolerance... hope this isn't scarying you!!! Not meant to scare just to inform!!! Anyway good luck with trying to get that baby out!!!! I hope you go into labor soon.... I remember those days... YUCK!!!

Nate & Kas said...

yeah... COME OUT! I want to see you!