Wednesday, February 27, 2008


...any ideas on when I will start to feel pregnant? I don't feel really anything yet, just some cramps once in awhile... I wouldn't mind the sickness if it made me feel like a baby is being formed! Blah! I want to fast forward to the second trimester.

Monday, February 25, 2008

4w2d... surprise!

Well... it's been quite a weekend! I'll recap how this all went down.

Friday morning Patrick bought me a test on his way home from work. Neither one of us really thought anything of it, we were just testing because well, we could. My online temp chart looked pretty ok, and it was day 28... so... why not?

I took it while he was eating breakfast... no exciting story here, really... and at first look it was nothing, the same sad disappointment as every past month... but then I walked by it... and saw a very faint but (I thought) very real line!! I called Patrick over to look, and then we still thought we were seeing things so we called Kas for another opinion... she brought me another test, and that one had a slow-growing, very faint but there line too! So collectively over the weekend I ended up with five positive pregnancy tests... YAY!

We went to the doctor's office today for a test there, to make it "official", to get a due date, and to get my referral to an OB... 5 long and agonizing hours later their word was also a yes (I was shaking in the room... both the nurse and the lab girl ran in to tell us... I think they knew I was antsy!)

So it's official... Patrick and I are going to have a baby! This is one very loved and very prayed for little tot already, I'll tell you what... As the title suggests, I am 4 weeks and 2 days along, giving me a due date of approximately November 1st. This is great news because Patrick will be here for the birth and the first few months of the little one's life, which was the most important thing to me. He'll only miss a little bit because of Yuma.

To answer a few questions we have answers to already: no we are not finding out what we are having, yes we already have a nursery theme, no we don't know what this means for staying here vs. getting a house, no we don't have names picked out yet... and no (thankfully) I haven't had any icky morning sickness yet!

That's all I can think of for now... but more to come as it happens!