Saturday, September 27, 2008


5 weeks to go... 6 at the most! It's so nice to have a light at the end of the tunnel!

Last night I was having contractions and a lot of lower back/abdomen pain... I timed contractions, but they weren't too regular, and at the most regular they were about 9 minutes apart. I'm getting them again today, but I don't think it's anything yet.

Today, though, has been interesting-at one point I had about the almost most painful 5 minutes of this pregnancy yet! We went and cleaned out the car, and apparently she didn't like that too much... after we got done wiping down the inside and vacuuming everything out, we hopped back in the car and she instantly flipped-usually if she pushes her butt up into my rib area it's on the right hand side, where there's an eensy bit of room-but today, however, she thought it would be cool to do it right smack in the middle and go as high up as she could. Seriously, I could feel the top of her butt about a half inch, if that, below my braline. IT HURT SO bad!and then her back was pushed into the side of my ribs... gosh I didn't know there was so much space between the ribs and skin, apparently there is (maybe there's not and she just made room!) but goodness that was wow. It was making me sick to my stomach because she was pushing up against my stomach and honestly I felt a bit lightheaded (wuss, I know). I'm glad it didn't last too long! That would be the WRONG place for her to decide to take a nap!

And then today we got the infant seat put in... although there are 5 weeks left, in the case that she gets here early the last thing Patrick is going to want to do before he can bring us home from the hospital is to go up to the fire station and get it installed. He didn't want to keep the infant seat itself in the car yet though-I think it intimidates him a little bit :) He said it's not 100% real yet to him... welll sir, pretty soon it will be!


Nicole said...

Oh yeouch... I remember clearly Porter doing exactly that. I was in tears so many nights because he'd stretch out and I thought my ribs would break. I remember shoving/pushing on him HARD to try to get him to reposition himself. I don't miss those days...

gage and mommy said...

The whole Sick to your stomach is all tooo familair to me!! I got sick, literally, 5 times while I was pushing!! YUCK!! Not only was I pushing out a huge baby but I pewked too.... not too scare you but sometimes it happens! I hope it doesn't to you but at least you have been warned.... I wasn't that lucky!!!