Monday, May 2, 2011


A couple more pictures from the shower that I took yesterday, after we kind of sorted through everything!
How incredibly blessed are we? I'm SUPER excited about all of the diapers... those will be a great beginning to a stash for the first couple of months when we don't cloth diaper yet and then when we do cloth diaper but we're out, traveling, etc.

We also got a gift card which we used today to buy a mattress for the second crib... Patrick and I will pick up their sheets from BRU when we are down in Savannah on Thursday for my scan, and then their cribs will be all ready (even though we'll only use one for the first little bit).

Feeling allright. My back spasms continue to be less than awesome-when I can I use the heating pad but when I can't and I'm completely desperate I stick on one of those heat patch things... thankfully sleeping is kind of like a huge reset button so in the morning I feel ok, but mid-afternoon, especially if I've been doing something in the morning, I start to feel it. Sometimes horribly. It's insane though that the end of next month is when I'm full term... the end REALLY is in sight, and with the May we have planned-between doctor appointments every other week and sometimes twice a week, and special events-I have a feeling the rest of this is going to fly by!

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