Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Doc appointment today, and good news... she's back to being head down! Woohoo! Of course she could flip again tomorrow (or could have already!) but lets all pray she stays how she is, shall we? :) He's transverse again, I swear that's his favorite way to be... he can do whatever he wants though!

Everything else went good though. She wasn't too concerned about how I've been feeling, as my BP was just fine today and hasn't been high when I've checked it, so I guess this is just typical "end of a multiples pregnancy" stuff. Keeping up on the hydration, staying out of the heat, and resting a lot-including my now almost daily naps-are what is going to get us safely and successfully through the last of it!

We talked a little about delivery, and after she talked about the whole "delivering at 37 weeks" thing I asked if there was any way I'd be able to get to 38... and she just responded with "typically lately they've been delivering at 37". So, I'll save that fight for when they actually schedule the eviction date for the kiddos-I think after the next appointment I'll start requesting my favorite doc, who I think is the most likely to let me go the longest. Regardless I'm going to start walking Walmart around 35-36 weeks (too hot to just walk around my neighborhood here-especially if we get to July) because I'd rather walk them out myself than be induced. That's what I did with Maya and it made for quite the great L&D experience!

...And speaking of delivery... I had two random people ask me today in conversation if I was going to have a c-section, and when I politely responded with hopefully not, they were surprised. Why is that surprising? Once again, I'm in the "whatever's best for the babies" camp, especially if she's breech when it comes time or there are issues that arise, but it's not exactly an "easy out".

As far as little details from the appointment go-his heartbeat was sitting at 137 and hers 142 (again, further disputing the old wives' tale about heartbeats-their heartbeats have been sitting about 5bpm different since the beginning-at every single appointment but one in the very beginning, actually). I've gained 32lbs so far, and I'm measuring at 36w which actually worries me a little bit, because my gain isn't consistent-but we'll know more about how they are actually measuring at my Savannah scan next week, it could have been just how they are sitting. I'm just worried they aren't gaining enough because they are on the small side as it is and I'm having a horrible time eating, thus not getting them what they need. Big babies are healthy babies... that's all I want!

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Liz said...

Love you! You know the whole trick to getting them to flip? frozen bag of peas where their head is and something warm where their feet/butt are. I'm not sure if it works with twins..... I am personally glad that you are trying to go the most natural way possible and sticking up for yourself and your babies. It makes me happy. Not that my opinion matters at all but I'll be praying she stays in the right position and that they let you go into labor whenever your body wants too.