Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Last night I went into mini-freakout mode.

Patrick has been going to bed super earlier than normal this week-he's on the rifle range (and though it stinks I'm SO thankful it's now and not next month-or later this summer after the babies arrive!) and so I just cozy up in bed too, but I'm awake for awhile. And then I think. And then I get paranoid, especially since I've been continuing to have a LOT of BH and lately I've had quite the cramps in the evening-period like cramps-which I need to watch since they can be a sign of preterm labor.

So of course I'm starting to freak out about preterm labor (or heck bedrest even). Not necessarily that I'll go into it, I'm trying to be the conductor of the positivity train over here, but the fact that IF it happened we're completely unprepared. I'll be 30 weeks on Saturday. I'm pretty much where I was full term with Maya. I have no bags packed (and this time I have to have bags for us, for the twins, and for Maya), no plans written down, no new in loco parentis appointed... so if something happened I'd have to try and dictate to Patrick what to do/try to find and bless his heart I think he'd be more frustrated and stressed than if I just got it done now.

Also, I've been having a strange variation of round ligament pain-it's kind of opposite of RLP, in that I get it when I'm sleeping and it wakes me up and I have to get out of bed and walk around in order for it to go away-kind of like a charlie horse in my belly. Most often when I'm lying on my left side. It's odd, and it hurts!

On a good note-we have a few of the last "little things" bought and ready-pacifiers, bottle nipples (we have the bottles from Maya) and liners, boppy covers. I found all of Maya's little hats and mitts and bows and they are in the washer now! The car seats are stripped and the fabric part of the seat will go in the wash in the morning so they can air dry by the time we (hopefully) get the car seats installed in the van on Saturday.

Still enjoying all the kicks and movement-I know how much I'm going to miss this soon!

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Jen said...

Getting closer! Can't wait to see Maya as a proud big sister :)

Don't forget to post inside of the car pics once you have all the seats installed! :P