Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Today was a pretty blah day. Got up early for a weekly playdate and could just never fully wake up and get functioning... by 11:30, after I gave Maya a bath and Patrick came home for lunch, I was just done. I had errands to run-just a couple-but I knew I wouldn't get through them. So by noon I was parked on the couch with the heating pad, dozing in and out... I felt horrible, but today I totally let Maya veg in front of the TV. I learned my lesson back when I was battling migraines horribly and Patrick was deployed that I have to be ok in order to be a good parent to Maya. So-we watched a little PBS kids and then I turned on Cars-all blessed 2 hours of it-and she just hung out on the couch with me while I dozed, bless her heart. I just couldn't do anything. It was a long day.

On a good note, the baby books came today! I ordered them Monday night with the free 2-day shipping on the Amazon Mom program-and boy, am I going to be spoiled by that-they got here so fast! We love Amy K-we have the Belly Book for both pregnancies, the Birthday Book for Maya (and will get them for the babies before their first birthday), the Sibling Book (one for each) and now the Baby Book (I wish she had published this when we were looking for baby books for Maya!) ...I love them all, and I wish we were able to buy them for all of our pregnant friends/friends with kiddos. Excessive to have them all, maybe, but they are just such neat books that I hope they will love to have in the future. It took me QUITE awhile to fill out the things I could now, the pre-baby stuff (and then I had to do it x2) but I'm glad to have it done. Once I get the pictures in, they'll be ready for the babies to arrive!

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