Saturday, April 30, 2011


I think my belly looks SO odd this week. Difference in how they are sitting, perhaps?

Today was such a busy day. The highlight-a shower was thrown for us by a friend who works with Patrick! It was a complete blast and I feel so blessed, special, overwhelmed with gratitude...
There, of course, were SOOO many pictures just on our camera alone... so I'll just pick some favorites! Patrick was quite the trooper and played games too :)
This one was funny-guess how big around I am via toilet paper squares. It was interesting seeing everyone's methods! (Haha and when I play I just guess and usually am way off... oops!)
She made the CUTEST favors! Maya loved them too and had to shake every one :)
And then the diaper cakes... wow! I'm NEVER going to want to take them apart!
Amazingly, we got tons of diapers. One pack was a preemie pack, and I just HAD to see how bitty they were, so I opened it up to see...
All the lovely ladies, minus one of the Ashleys!
Maya kept wanting to sneak a bite of cake.

What a day... I'm pooped! I'll have more pictures of details tomorrow!

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Jen said...

What a blessing! Those diaper cakes are amazing. Love the blankets on them!