Monday, May 23, 2011


Still feeling like ick-so Maya and I made it a nice, lazy day today. Called Naval to see if I needed to come in or if I could wait till my appointment on Wednesday, and Wednesday is the answer (and pretty much everything the nurse said yesterday I was told again today). So today and tomorrow are full of food, rest, and hydration yet again. We had to run to our favorite store in the world tonight so I checked my BP again-106/65, which is a lot lower than usual for me. That combined with how I am feeling I'm really thinking it's going to end up pointing to a hydration issue (which would make sense because the heat and humidity have all of a sudden shot up-mid/high 90's for temp, humidity making it feel worse). So we'll see. They are still moving around like crazy in there!

I've started the letters for their wall, since it's a good one to do parked at the kitchen table. I have hers completely finished and his started, and hopefully will get them all done tomorrow. Want a peek and a hint at what their names are? (Don't mind the cell picture... I'm lazy. His colors are green, white, and yellow and hers are purple, white, and yellow though the lighting makes it look off.)
That's right... both of their names have a's in them! Bahaha!

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Meg said...

Oh the suspense! I can't wait to find out the rest of their beautiful little names.
On a side note, stay hydrated dear friend! I was pregnant in the summer, in dry Colorado, so I understand the woes of drinking enough water.