Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Doc appointment was today-went well, for the most part. My glucose test results came back-they were great, I think this pregnancy is actually evening out my hypoglycemia so all the numbers looked perfectly normal. Blood pressure is still good, Babies heartbeats were good (his was 158, hers was 154-proof that "higher" or "lower" numbers signifying gender isn't necessarily true!) Weight gain is at 28lbs.

...Unfortunately, she flipped and is now head up. Her being head down is the key to attempting a delivery-it doesn't matter what position he's in-so I'm REALLY hoping and praying she flips back around in the next few weeks before she runs out of room. And apparently that's the reason I've been feeling so many pokes at my bladder-she is standing on it now! But-pray pray pray. Please.

A few people have asked what we still need for the babies... thankfully, not much! All of our big purchases aside from the stroller have been made and even that I'm waiting on a Craigslist gem or for the trade-in event at Babies R Us. What I still have on my list (and it's an odd list) is a pack & play (Maya wore hers out completely so it's not usable for the duo), two white breathable crib bumpers, two white crib skirts, a crib mattress pad, drop-ins liners (goes with their bottles), diapers, cloth diapers especially... diaper genie II refills, and a sling or two... I've heard the Ergo or Mei Tai would be great for them, as well as the Moby. There are a couple of other things that we are either waiting to see if they both like (like the jumperoo, before we swing for a second) or are pretty particular with what brand/kind we want to keep it the same as we already have (baby gate and high chair) so we're just grabbing those ourselves for sure because otherwise I'd feel so picky! We are super pro-gently used (aside from the diaper genie refills... hahaha!) so even if you just know where a good deal is going on, please point me in the right direction! Like I've said before we've been so fortunate and so blessed by friends and family already that our stress level for the "we need to get this!" stuff is far lower than it even was when we had Maya-and the amount of things we saved from her (everything) prepares us very well too. We're pretty good on clothes for now-especially 3 months and under-and we're waiting, beyond that, to see how big they are coming out and the curve at which they grow. I'm hoping she will kind of sync up with what sizes Maya needed at what age-if anything, the pajamas will work just fine! We'll see :) And I must add... I say all of this squirmingly, if that's a word. Where I'm from you only make a registry/have a shower/etc for your first-so it's kind of awkward for me! I know we're in a completely different situation since we're having twins and all of a sudden need all of this additional gear... that and I guess we're just used to kind of keeping our needs to ourselves. We have overly awesome friends and family though so... there ya have it.

Scan in Savannah tomorrow... so stay tuned for lots of pictures!


Anonymous said...

Kelly's Closet has bumgenius and fuzzibunz buy 5 get one free plus after spending $59.00 you can get a free one size so it would be 7 diapers for the price of 5. Can't wait to see the little ones :)

Jessi said...

I think I still have a bunch of mattress covers and things like that. I'll go through the closet when I get home. There are still boxes of clothes waiting for you when your little guy gets past the 3 months sizes.