Friday, May 13, 2011


I'm. So. Tired.

I woke up at 9:30 this morning, nice and late... took an hour or so nap this afternoon and it's not even 8 and I'm completely ready for bed. Patrick's gone for an evening 9 mile race, and I'm hoping I'm still awake when he gets back!

Our sheets came in today! I had to order them online since they were out of stock at the store in Savannah, but they are all washed and on the cribs and really things are pretty much finished in there now (and no we didn't order the whole set, just the sheets, though the set is super cute-I never ever used Maya's comforter so it was kind of a waste, and we're going to go with the breathable bumpers-and we wanted to make the room kind of our own creation!). We need to pick names and make the letters for the wall... but I think that's it as far as big stuff goes. I could do nothing until I delivered and their nursery, at least, would be ready for them! Soooo glad, because the whole doing nothing might be a reality :) :)

I talked the other day about the Amy K books-I spent the greater part of yesterday afternoon and evening filling out the things I could now (took so long since I had to do the baby books and the sibling books each x2!) ...and Maya added the part she could right now-drawing a picture for the babies. Each of theirs looks different but she told me that both of them are pictures of the babies. (Apparently she's into zig-zags now... a few weeks ago it was circles!)

Also-last night I had a dream that I had the babies and Patrick missed the birth (he was just late, he didn't deploy or anything) and our little man was still nameless (we're pretty set on our girl's name). And for some reason they looked like hot dogs. Oh pregnancy dreams. Moral of the story: we really need to find a name for him... or at least some options that we really really like.

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