Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Finished putting the decals on the walls today! I was so excited to get the fish in yesterday-we finished them when Patrick came home from work this evening. Now all we need for the walls is to figure out names and make the letters to hang-who knows when that's going to happen! At this rate it'll be after they arrive.

(Fish purchased on Etsy from Grey Wolf Graphics-visit her shop if you need decals, they're awesome!)

This is my favorite side of the room! Helps that I love the new shades and curtains in there too.
Funny thing about this little guy-we bought this when we were in Michigan last fall, about a month before I even got pregnant. We were at Hobby Lobby and picked a couple of animals/bugs for Maya's door, and saw this and thought "well maybe if we get pregnant again we can do a fishy room". It's funny that we actually did decide on the fish! (I just found it tucked away somewhere-I'm glad I noticed it now!)
This wall I like a lot but don't love. I love the seaweed and love the fish, but not sure if I love all of the bubbles. It looks a lot different in person, and I'm hoping that once we're in that room more (gate arrives tomorrow so we can keep the door open and little paws and little feet out!) I'll get used to it. Otherwise I'll pick a few off :)
I just can't believe how fast the weeks are flying. I had to order their sheets online (they were out of them at BRU & I wasn't going to wait four more weeks till we go down to Savannah for the next scan to see if they are MAYBE in stock again) and they'll be here soon and we're pretty much ready. We need to organize their closet a little more, and get Patrick's weights in the garage, and attach the new hardware to the changing table-but thankfully the nursery is just about there. Good thing because I'm at the point where I can be awake for 4-5 hours and then I need a nap or a closed-eyes rest at the very least-the days are hard when that can't happen. So I'm losing functional ability and it's going to be nice to enjoy these last 9 weeks at the most just relaxing, for the most part!


AJD ∞ said...

I love the fish! All of them! What a cute idea. I really dislike baby room themes that are played over and over and OVER. You're so creative. I love it! [Oh. And we [as in Aaron and I] love the monster bathroom, too!]

Meg said...

so adorable! I wish we could do decals on E's walls... but base housing won't allow it. Nice work! Can't wait to find out what names you picked out:)