Saturday, May 21, 2011


Overdid it today but it's totally my fault. Kind of.

Last night I really didn't sleep. Between the dog next door barking incessantly and Patrick grinding his teeth (he has a night guard but he ground through it, so he needs to go get a new one made... every time I'd punch him and snap to stop grinding his teeth he insisted that he wasn't grinding, he was just making a noise. Of course when he got up he had no recollection of this whatsoever)... it was an awful night. I think I dozed here and there between 2-4, but by the time my alarm clock went off at 4 I was completely wide awake, and I contemplated just not getting up and going to Patrick's Triathlon with him (he was running it in a relay today-it was really neat!) but I was awake and crabby and didn't figure I'd fall back asleep anyway so I just got up and went.

I felt fine-just tired-until toward the end. It started to get hot, there wasn't anywhere to sit down (I forgot to grab a chair, and you've got to be kidding me if you think I could sit on the ground) ...I was hungry (despite the three packets of oatmeal I scarfed down at 4:30) and I needed water but had to go to the bathroom so badly in the first place-there were oddly no bathrooms-that I didn't want to add anymore to my already about to burst bladder. By the time we left my hands and feet were super swollen and I was calling to the AC in the van (we need a remote starter for that sucker so it can cool down before we get in there! Although it cools down quick-I'm just a baby).

That's when I started getting a bit freaked out. The whole "blurry eyesight" thing started to happen-it looked like oil floating in front of my eyes-I didn't want to scare Patrick because he would have taken us to the closest ER, so I just told him in my most stern voice to lets just go straight home (I was planning on making a pit-stop to Michael's really quickly for the wooden circles the babies' names will be painted on). I decided that if I got myself re-hydrated, food in me, and had rested and still felt the same we'd promptly go in. Thankfully things got a lot better after I downed a bit of water, so I went ahead and ran into Michael's, we waited till we got home to eat and then I fell asleep for a good three or so hours.

Now I'm feeling slow and sluggish, and still kind of "off". Patrick got us Moe's for dinner and bless his heart is currently at the store getting milk, ice cream and queso now (thanks Moe's for giving us chips but no salsa) and I fully plan on stuffing my face in Dinner Round 2, having yet another Gatorade for hydration, taking a Tylenol and Benadryl and cozying up on the couch till I knock out. Don't worry, those of you who I know worry-if I know I'm fed, hydrated, rested, etc. and am still feeling cruddy I won't hesitate to go in but I'm not going to waste my time and theirs (and have to get Maya to a sitter's) if it's something we can remedy at home. My idea of a good time isn't to be hooked up to an IV for fluids-I'll snack on a few G2's and be lazy watching a movie. With Maya cuddled up next to me. But if I have to, yes, don't worry, I'll go in.

Here's to today being our only "speed bump" for the week, though, and for tomorrow to be completely different!

**edit: thankfully, my BP is sitting pretty at 117/77. I'm thinking it may be a hydration issue. Here's to lots of Gatorade and waking up every half hour for the bathroom!! :) Good thing these babies are worth every bit!

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Kris said...

You have such an inspiring perspective on life! I appreciate it, and your stories a lot! :) Thanks for sharing :)