Thursday, May 19, 2011


I feel like I got SO much accomplished today! To the Average Joe it may seem just like a couple hours of tasking... but I'll tell you what, it definitely took a good chunk of the day.

I made lists of what Maya will need and what we'll need, and which bags everything goes in (when I had Maya we brought EVERYTHING in the car. That proved to be quite obnoxious. This time we'll have a small bag for L&D and then everything else will come in after they've arrived!) ...I started Packing Maya's bag and will start ours tomorrow. The babies' bag is completely packed, Boppy pillows ready to go, and I organized their closet so that all of the random stuff is put away. Bouncer #1 is put together and needs batteries (which I'll grab tomorrow), Monitors are out and put in their places.

And wow, now that I type it all out it sounds pathetic. But I swear it was a lot, and so much was organized, and I feel a lot better actually having lists together.

Exciting day, huh? :)

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