Thursday, May 5, 2011


Scan in Savannah went good today-babies are growing!

She is still head up, the little stinker. When the scan started she was completely breech, but by the end of it-an hour-ish later-she had scooted her little bottom over and was kind of oblique. But still head up. And she pushed her brother, who was completely head down, oblique with her. Oh these kiddos...

Her belly has caught up with the rest of her body, for the most part-she just has a smaller abdomen (which is what they figured, but wanted to be safe anyway. That's what these scans are all about!) ...but apparently has a huge head. Following in Maya's footsteps there!

She's estimated at 2lbs4oz right now, 31st percentile. Her heartbeat was at 140bpm.
Here's her profile-with a random limb of his. Leg perhaps?
He continues to do well too-measuring at 2lbs5oz, so closer together now, 38th percentile, heartbeat at 136bpm. He was being quite the mover during the scan and we even got to see him smacking his lips "eating" some tasty amniotic fluid!
There weren't many more pictures than that-shots of the private parts (which I'm never comfortable posting!), more profile shots and some creepy face shots from the front (those are eerie. Yes they are my babies and I love them but... creepy!) these are it. They are getting more squished in there so it's getting harder and harder to get good shots of them anyway.

Sitting tight now till my next appointment at the end of the month!

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