Saturday, April 2, 2011


It's 6:38pm. I'm completely wiped. I'm seriously counting down till 8 when Maya goes to bed-though she's a little ball of energy right this moment. I can't keep up with her. Of course I'd get pregnant with twins when she is 2 and doesn't stop moving/climbing/tantruming/being so high strung/etc!

Today we did our MS walk in Savannah. I was a teensy bit nervous about it, as it's more walking than I've done (at once) since our initial 7w bleeding scare when we found out about the twins. It was a cool morning at a really pretty park, and it was nice to really get out and move again-I miss my morning walks but am not planning on starting them again till I'm trying to encourage the babies out-I did one loop around the pond which was a mile and a half but sat out the second loop just in case. I didn't want to push it, and I'm glad I didn't, I'm exhausted enough as it is but managed to not give myself any BH from it. Woohoo!

Since we were in Savannah we decided to pop over to Babies R Us and see about ordering the second crib, since when we got the first one (Maya's) it was one of those "it could take up to 12 weeks to get to the store" things and 12 weeks from today I'll be considered full term. Thankfully it's not going to take as long this time-then again it's not a brand new line anymore either. We picked one that looks pretty similar to the one we have for Maya, ordered it, and they kindly gave us their multiples discount on it... when we were just about to leave Patrick mentioned something about "wasn't our other crib the Manhattan" ...she starts typing, and long story short we were pretty sure that Maya's crib was clearanced in their system (not online anymore) but still available-for a way cheaper price! So I got our receipt out when we got home and sure enough... I'm pretty sure it's the same one. I have to call her first thing in the morning and double check the numbers on it and she will switch our order. We'll end up with a crib that's about $200 less than what we were anticipating-woohoo-and they'll completely match! So here's hoping.

I'm at the 18lb mark as far as weight gain goes. About where I hoped to be-on the upper side, really-since the goal was 15-20lbs by 24w. Last checkup the doctor said I'd likely gain 50-60lbs this time-which seems like SO much but honestly I could see that happening with how it's progressing now. Fine with me... I can always lose the weight. The babies need it so they are nice and big whenever they decide they want a birthday.

Speaking of birthdays... this point begins the chances of survival if the unthinkable happens. Of course I plan on keeping them in for awhile yet-yes, even when little man is shoved up so high I can't breathe-but it's an encouraging thought. (Dear babies-please don't get any ideas!)

Hormones have now kicked in too-I've been super emotional lately. Which brings on migraines because I tense up, which aggravates the twisted vertebrae in my neck... and I haven't slept well either. 52 minutes till bedtime... time to go fill up my belly one last time, get my jammies on, and be ready for it! Woohoo!

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