Thursday, April 28, 2011


Glucose test was today-boy am I glad that's over! I never tolerate them well in the first place. This one was a different flavor drink than I've ever had before-lemon lime instead of the awful orange syrup! I think it was easier to get down than the other ones. We'll find out next week how it went!

Feeling a little icky today overall-I think it's because of the test this morning and the storms going through today. Just achy, headachy and ready for bed, even though I crashed this afternoon for an unknown amount of time. Thankfully the other day I got medicine for Horrible Problem and that's a TON better, the biggest woe of the moment is my back pain, which has been around since high school but I can't exactly take a muscle relaxer like I typically do! I'm so glad I have a husband who gives me a backrub pretty much every night to at least release some of the pressure. Insane that in a couple of days I can say "10 weeks at the latest" AND even crazier, "maybe next month"!

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