Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So, since Saturday, I've been saying "tomorrow I'll take it easier". I really need to do that. Tomorrow. I swear. I've run myself so hard the past couple of days. Gotta slow down.

Babies haven't been moving as much today. I'm not sure if I should be the relief for the lack of abuse on my insides or a little worried. He's moving right now ironically, so I'm sure they are fine. If they aren't moving tons tomorrow maybe I'll call and see when I should be concerned. I still think its too early to worry about it though.

Sunday we went and picked up the other crib in Savannah. I still am shocked that we found the same exact one and it ended up being IN the store... so we just took the van back down and got it. Patrick and I put together Maya's crib yesterday and the new one today... and all 6 of the dresser drawers (which took us almost FOUR hours... oh my word. We have to put together the "body" of it tomorrow once the replacement piece arrives). We sort of maybe have an idea of how the room is going to be arranged, but we'll see for sure once the dresser is completely put together and in... that room is going to be so cramped. Why we didn't get a 4 bedroom house is beyond me-ahh! We'll look back and have fond memories of being all squeezed in, I'm sure :)

Time to relax. My back is wailing at me!

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Megan said...

Do not over-do yourself. It's hard because you feel up too it, but you do not want to end up in the hospital in pre-term labor!!!
I'm super jealous your nursery is coming together. I can't wait to see pictures!