Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We have all of the furniture pieces put together! Honestly between getting that done and having the van bought I feel like the huge things are out of the way and if something happened-if they came early, if I was put on bedrest, if we were just plain super lazy for the remainder of this pregnancy-things would be just fine. Everything else is details. I still have to pick up some crib sheets and a mattress for the new crib, but that's nothing I'm rushing on-they'll sleep together at first anyway so it's not a big deal. Maya picked whose crib is whose-her sister is getting hers, and her brother is getting the new one!

Here are a couple of pictures of how everything is placed. It's pretty awkward, I think-the only other option would have been to put the one crib directly next to the window and the other one mirroring it, but this way gives us more space in the room. We have no other choices so we're just going to make do with what we have!

The lighting is horrible because it was just getting dark so the light was on, and I have to use my point & shoot camera so it gives a wider view of the room-but the dresser (blasted dresser that took us 5-6 hours to assemble... can't wait to write the review on that one) is the same color as the cribs. It's miraculous. And while it's cheap it does the job and simply won't follow us to our next home, whenever that may be. (Also-directly to my right is the changing table. It'll stay in there-it fits fine and it has the best storage. I'm SUPER bummed we won't have room for a rocker... I've wanted one since I was pregnant with Maya. There's just no room for one.)

Now we decorate, tiny bits at a time. We have a general idea of what we want to do but we're going to take our time and find deals and not go too overboard at once. I'll of course post pictures as we add things!

(Today I've rested a lot, by the way... putting the dresser together wasn't hard, since I just sat on the floor to do it. Definitely sore but it's the first day I've slowed down since the weekend. Tomorrow is another growth scan at the Perinatology office... mixed feelings because I'm super excited to see the babies and how much they have grown over the past four weeks but I don't want to step foot in their office ever again, honestly. So. Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow-hopefully we'll get some great ones!)

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