Saturday, December 11, 2010




Oh my land.

Last night was one of the most interesting nights in my life. It started a little after 7-I went to the bathroom and there was blood. A good amount of it. I freaked, called the ER and asked at what point should I come in, they said come in, and I had a little sobfest. We quickly got ready, dropped Maya off at our neighbor's, and off to Naval we went.

I checked in at 8:15, and they got me back there relatively quick. They did a urine test first of all, and that came back fine. Then the doctor came in and talked to us, ordered blood to be run, took that (and it took an hour for the results)... they said the blood came back pretty good and then gave me an exam. That showed that yes indeed I had been bleeding but it had stopped, and it was old stuff now, thankfully. We had an awesome nurse named Kendra, and she said not to be too stressed about it, that sometimes it happens when the uterus is expanding and capillaries break. They called the OB on duty and he ordered an ultrasound to check that everything was ok, so after pleasantly getting a catheter, I got my very first ambulance ride over to the civilian hospital, who had the capabilities of doing that at almost midnight.

Kendra had warned us beforehand that it was the other hospital's policy to not allow anyone in the room when the ultrasound was going on, since it was purely diagnostic and in an "emergency" situation. Patrick was NOT happy about it but gracefully complied. After filling my bladder (ow) she gave me the external, then the internal, and it was taking a LONG time.

Then she turned to me, smiled, and said "there's something I want to show you, but I want to show your husband too" so she went out in the hall to get Patrick, and I just knew... she put the probe back in place, turned the screen, and sure enough-TWO little sacs with two little babies and two little heartbeats! Completely amazing-they just looked like little heads with heartbeats, but they were so precious and I love them. Sadly we couldn't get a picture because there wasn't a printer attatched to her machine, but now we know why I was bleeding... my uterus sure is expanding! (This also explains the unbelievable nausea, why I got a positive on a digital test at 9dpo, why I thought my belly was so bloated, why I could tell from so early on that I was pregnant...)

So-our world has just been completely shaken up! In a wonderful way, of course, but we thought we had things just so worked out and planned out... boy, were we wrong! Now we're looking at new car, new bed for us for sure (I had a horrible time getting in and out of bed toward the end with Maya, I can't imagine what it would be like with two in there) ...additional carseat, cloth diapers (oh thank GOODNESS for cloth, we'd spend a fortune on disposables), crib... Patrick's nervous but I know it'll be just fine.

So... really, surprise!

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AJD. said...

Okay. I know I've never been pregnant. And I'm not the authority on twins, for sure. BUT, I wanted to give you a little food for thought. My cousin had twins. They had two cribs picked out for the sweeties and, lo and behold, those adorable little girls slept together for the first 9 months of their lives. Every time my cousin tried to separate them, they screeeeamed. Kept the whole house up all night. Obviously, you'll need two cribs/beds at some point, but she ended up donating her second crib because they never used it! Clearly, you'll probably want two to be on the safe side. Just thought I would share, though! We're so excited for you two! Congratulations!