Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Today's appointment was a good one. I had my appointment with the fourth provider, so now I've met all who might deliver the babies (unless of course I go into preterm labor-in that case they'll send me down to Savannah where they can better care for them). Now I get to be choosy though and stick with my two favorites (and hope and pray that they are on duty when the day comes!)

Heartbeats were both in the 140-150 range (she told me but was going really fast) and he is mostly head down (their heads were together like they were at the first Perinatologist scan) but his body is sort of transverse still. He still has plenty of room to move around, and I hope that in the next few weeks he'll go completely head down and just stay there. I'm measuring at 33cm (like a singleton at 33w), following consistently with how I've been growing. Weight gain is at 23lbs-I honestly can't believe it's not more! They were kicking and jabbing at each other while the doctor was scanning, just like they did last time. They have been super active lately!

As far as my contraction concerns go, the doctor said that this is the time when we really need to start being careful when they start. If I drink water and lie down and they don't go away I have to start going in to be monitored for a couple of hours... just to see if they are BH or real, and if they are changing my cervix in any way. She measured my cervix and it was around 4cm, which is still really good, so today there was nothing to worry about. I still am going to have to start going in every two weeks though for checkups (so every 2 weeks at Naval and every 4 weeks in Savannah... so many appointments!) just because we're getting close. Next week I go back in for my glucose test (oh fantastic)-I'll just be glad to get it over with.

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