Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Got a maternity belt today. I'm so excited to see if this bad devil works. Last night was another horrible sleep one till about 5-I was in so much pain but somehow, thankfully, miraculously, I fell asleep till about 9:30 or so... and that precious solid 4 1/2 hours made me able to get through the day! I like to schedule appointments (especially doctor ones) early in the morning so there's less of a wait, but since my best sleep by far is morning sleep I've stopped doing that.

I've figured out why I'm not growing out much (I am, but very slowly...) I'm getting wide! My guess is that it's because they are side by side, but I couldn't really tell before today. You can only sort of tell by looking, but you can really feel it. So I'm sure that'll make for some interesting new stretch marks in a few weeks :)

We got the babies' homecoming outfits today... as long as they are big enough to fit into them! Carter's was having a ridiculous sale, so we took advantage... homecoming outfits and the initial "yay we're having a boy and a girl lets buy a couple cute outfits!" are the only things we've bought new and the only things we are planning to buy new. If they are smaller than Carter's newborn size Patrick will have to go out and find something-we have a few preemie outfits but I don't think I'll buy anything for homecoming in preemie unless we absolutely have to. The dress we got might even still fit her, since it's a cute little sundress. End rambling.

I got a couple of bins of Maya's old clothes out today (so glad I went through and organized last year!) and picked out the things that'll be seasonally appropriate... I had to pull up pictures of Maya in the hospital with the respective outfits just to remember how tiny she was. It's only been 2 1/2 years and I've completely forgotten. I'm just afraid of pulling a repeat of Maya's homecoming, where we figured "oh she'll definitely be big enough to fit into that"... and when we put it on her minutes from leaving, realizing how dumb we must look for grossly misjudging! I leave you with those pictures, just for a laugh... the outfit didn't truly fit her until about a month or two later!

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Kris said...

I still maintain you're the cutest mom ever! :)

Hope you are having a good day and find a slushy if you need one!!