Thursday, April 7, 2011


Had a good scan this morning! No drama this time, which was good :) We were Maya-free for about 5 hours which was strange to me-but made for a nice lunch just the two of us.

The ultrasound tech went faster this time than the other one did last time... kind of left poor Patrick wondering what in the world was going on. I know enough to have been able to keep up but he couldn't. We got a lot of pictures though!

We'll start with Baby A... here's her heartbeat. 146BPM at the time.
She was being a little stinker and had her head down most of the time. We had to go on to him and then come back to her to get her head measurements, because they couldn't do it (at first) at the angle she was looking. Here's a head down ear shot though!
Cute little face, once she decided to grace us with some movement...
This one she's sitting all funky-her head is tilted to the side. How uncomfortable!
And here he is, Baby B. His heartbeat was 140BPM.
This one is crazy, but really neat. Tilt your head to the right-a lot. Where the arrow is is right about at his nostrils-if you look closely you can see his nose and mouth and an eye. Click on the picture to zoom in if you need to. It's super neat! (The big circular mass on the left of the picture is his abdomen, and you can see an arm there too, if that helps!)
Blurrier picture of pretty much the same thing, but you can see the lenses in his eyes.
This one cracks me up. It shows how wacky they are positioned right now... she's head down, mostly vertical but leaning a tiny bit toward my left side. He's completely transverse but has his head a little more down than up too. You can see his face and hand and her abdomen and knees.
Sweet little feet!

They are measuring pretty spot on-he's estimated at 1lb6oz and she's at 1lb4oz (they were both 10oz 4 weeks ago) ...which is ok, they are measuring in the 29th percentile, which is small, but on the smaller end of normal-nothing to worry about yet. Her abdomen is measuring about 6 days smaller than the rest of her body (which is what makes her weigh less right now) so at my next scan in 4 weeks they will check that again and if she's still measuring small they will order some kind of blood study something or other (I should have asked for details because now, of course, I forget what she said). Nothing at all to worry about yet but of course they are staying on top of things. Regardless, now there's definite reason why people comment on how I "look so small for being pregnant with twins"-well, my babies are smaller. I hope they pork up just for their health's sake!

I'm feeling overwhelmingly tired today. I came home from the appointment and tried to sleep but Maya battled me on that... so it was an interesting afternoon. I'm going to bed super soon. I'm having a difficult-ish time breathing this evening, someone is pushing on my lungs or something... I'm having a hard time getting a deep breath. I've had to keep trying to make myself yawn to get a good one, but sometimes that doesn't even work. Move please, babies!

(Forgot to add: cervix looks great, and fluid levels on both babies are just what they are supposed to be!)

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