Friday, April 22, 2011


I can quite honestly say that today has been my most miserable day yet. A certain horrible, horrible pregnancy side effect has come up... and thankfully it's not one that will last (or I hope not or I will put myself on bedrest for it!) but it's SO BAD right now. I was miserable tonight running errands but unfortunately they were necessary ones... and Patrick headed to a friend's house without me tonight to help install flooring (I was only planning on sitting around anyway, but there's no way I could try to sit/lie down while trying to get Maya to not be the "busy" little girl she is, especially when there is a lot around that she really shouldn't be getting into... such as flooring installation supplies!) so we're camped here at home watching Lion King. As soon as she goes to bed I'll be able to do the same, and I'm definitely looking forward to it. I'm REALLY hoping its better quick... especially with it being Easter weekend and having a decent amount of things planned (Easter egg hunt, church on Sunday, Patrick has Monday off) but I guess we'll see. If this is God forcing me to rest then so be it.

I'm glad that my motto this pregnancy is "this too shall pass". It will. It better! :)

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