Saturday, April 9, 2011


Today has been just one of those days. Glad it's almost over! I woke up feeling great-I slept for like 6 hours before my first bathroom break, which has to be a record!-and we had a delicious pancake breakfast. We started to slowly get around for the day and loosely started to make plans when I all of a sudden started to feel awful.

I was headed for the shower when I got a horrible pain on my left side. It made for a miserable shower and when I was out I just curled up in Maya's bed for awhile (she and Patrick were in there playing) and decided to just not do anything today. I'm sure it was ligaments stretching or something, because it was fine after I rested, but boy did that hurt! After that I was just really tired and headache-y so I sent Patrick and Maya off to the commissary without me. Sadly, I think that's just going to be the nature of the beast now-they do grocery shopping and errands together while I am at home resting, because the quiet and not having to chase/take Maya to the potty (she can't do everything by herself yet... though she tries!) is really nice. I'm glad they are two peas in a pod-Maya sure loves her daddy, and she behaves very well for him when they are out (go figure. But I think our behavior issues toward me are more her being mad and acting out because I have limitations now).

So I was just pretty lazy all afternoon. I'd rather miss out on some gorgeous weather (sniff sniff) than land myself in the hospital for observation. I plan on helping myself to a bowl of ice cream in a few and continuing the laziness-hopefully that's all I need to rest myself up for a nice Sunday!

Also-Patrick has run into my belly twice today, once with the dishwasher door (ouch) and once with his hand (he was turning or something so there was a bit of force!) just kind of gets in the way now!

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