Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Tomorrow is a doc appointment-definitely looking forward to it.

I've been having a lot more BH lately (reeeeeally antsy for them to confirm that that's all they are)-the combination of me getting bigger and further along with it getting far hotter here (88 tomorrow) is making things crazy. This morning I woke up with my stomach rock hard and hurting quite a bit, and when I rolled over to make my way toward the bathroom the pelvic pressure was pretty intense. I warned Patrick just in case it didn't get better (he has Maya's car seat in the Civic right now and we don't have our plate for the van yet (thus no base decal) so he'd have to come get us if anything happened) but thankfully it did after I chugged some water. I am REALLY going to have to watch my hydration levels from here on out. Babies are super super super active lately-but I'm just going to be glad for the confirmation that everything is just fine. Sometimes two weeks between appointments feels like an eternity!

I'm mentally nesting. Bad. As in I made our spring cleaning list and am insisting it gets done in the next two weeks (poor Patrick!) just so we can maintain the house through May and June. I feel like I'm nesting more with the house than the babies' room-since we got their furniture put together and laundry washed I've been fine with their stuff-wondering when that will change!

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