Saturday, January 29, 2011


Time seems like it's speeding up! I feel like I was just turning 12 weeks and super excited to be almost done with the first trimester... and reading my "week by week" book I feel like we were just looking at what the babies looked like when they hardly looked like babies. And now they are fully formed, just growing and changing in different ways!

Now that all the bloating is gone I can tell I'm starting the same slow, steady growth I had with Maya. I could tell I grew this week, even though it's hard to see how much (since it's not a crazy jump or anything) but I can definitely feel it in reference to where my uterus is. I may have said it before, I can't remember, but I'm VERY aware of it.

I've been full of all sorts of grace today! It's pretty funny, really-this morning while I was making breakfast was the winner. I made Maya's oatmeal, poured her a cup of milk, and gave it to her (as I do every single morning) ...but then when I was going to pour milk in my cereal I realized I had put cow's milk in her cup instead of Almond Milk (we give her Almond Milk to drink now because I'm going through a freak-out with the whole hormones in food thing). So I grabbed her cup, dumped it over my cereal because I still drink cow's milk, and got her Almond Milk... but when I started to pour it I was somehow pouring it in my cereal (I don't drink the Almond Milk at all) over my regular milk... boy was that interesting. I had another "duh" moment at the commissary that I can't remember right now and then this afternoon I opened a pop, completely missed my mouth and poured it down my shirt. I'm awesome!

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