Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Another crappy cell phone picture-I'm literally too tired to go get my camera, take a picture, and upload it to the computer-but I made the first purchase for the babies today! (And apparently Maya is already practicing for twins)

Against my perfectionist nature it doesn't match with this one we have from Maya:
...but it was $7 on our local yard sales site, so I couldn't pass it up. After a little elbow grease from some Clorox wipes and a magic eraser the only wear is in the seat-you can tell it's been washed ehm, a time or two-but overall is in good condition and I was thinking of making covers for both of them anyway since Maya's is worn as well. (Yeah, add one more thing to the sewing list that'll never get done... I still have yet to sew Maya's quilt that I cut the squares for two months ago). I'm hopefully buying a Bumbo and tray from someone (same color as the one we have already) tomorrow for pretty cheap too. Woohoo for bargain shopping-and for getting a head start on what we'll need immediately and the month or two thereafter!

I've been SO TIRED today-woke up at 8, snoozed for an hour or hour and a half this afternoon and woke up feeling MORE sleepy, and I'm about to tip over now. My little sweetie is going to bed in a couple of minutes and I think I'll definitely follow-there's no way I'll make it to the end of Biggest Loser tonight!

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Lori said...

Love that Maya is practicing! I am trying to think if there is anything I'll be "done with" by the time you need it, but we don't have much of anything left anyway. Natalee is so tiny, we still use the bumbo at the table as a booster. You are doing great, and I am always praying for you, P, M & the babies!