Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This is the worst picture I could have possibly taken, but we got our new mattress today!

When I was pregnant with Maya I had a horrible time on the one we had, and swore I would get a new one soon... well almost three years later, we finally did! Unfortunately for me, I can't hardly get in bed now.

It was a very tall bed to begin with (that I've loved) and at the end of my pregnancy with Maya, even though I had a stool to get in and out of bed with, I still had to wake poor Patrick up every half hour or so to use the bathroom. Since I found out I was pregnant, especially with twins, I knew the bed situation was going to be another rough one... since at 5-6 months I'll be the same size as I was nearly full term with Maya. We decided though that since we are going to be buying a van and a slew of new baby gear it wouldn't be practical to get a new one.

Fast forward to today. The mattress gets delivered and immediately we knew there was going to be a problem... it's 7 inches taller than the last set, which might not seem like much, but I'm 4'11" folks. In order to get up in the bed now, I have to kind of hop up in. I'll tell you that for as many times I have to get in and out of bed... oh no. Not going to work. Especially when in a few months I'll be as wide as I am tall.

So. We're kind of left with no options. Fortunately we participated in the Heroes at Home program with Sears this year and have a generous gift card waiting for us to use, so I think we are going to take that and get a new bed with it. They are on sale right now anyway (sweet!) and there is one we like that we can get for just over $100-and they have $2 or something shipping right now. I think we're going to head down to Savannah this weekend and see if there are any set up in store to check out and go from there. If the stool solution didn't work with Maya, there's no WAY it's going to work with twins. So, unfortunately, the decision has been made for us.

Hopefully, though, I can get some good sleep on it tonight! Almost as bad as my nausea are my migraines-probably adding to my nausea actually-and until I break down and go to the chiropractor I'm hoping this can give me short term relief (or one of my kids is going to be born looking like a Tylenol capsule, and the other one will be a little Zofran!)

As for how I'm feeling, today has been a better day than the past couple of days. Things would be better if I could eat. Getting closer to 11 weeks though, and that inches me closer to the second trimester so I'm happy! This won't last forever!


Nicole said...

Mandi... maybe this sounds too simple, but what about having someone cut down the bed posts? They look SO tall under the bed. Would that work out... and you could still keep the bed you love AND save some $$? (new cribs!! HAHA!)

Emilie said...

yay for a new bed!! Sleep tight.