Saturday, January 22, 2011



When we went to the follow-up appointment from my bleeding at 7 weeks, I asked the doctor when I would be in the "safe" zone-when we could stop worrying so much (and before Patrick knew he had to leave, when we thought we'd tell everyone). He said we'd get excited once we passed the first trimester. Well today, we are here-hello second trimester! I'm SO HAPPY to see you!

Hopefully the nausea will start to leave soon, the all-day stuff has really died down, it just kicks in at night so every day as I'm getting ready to make dinner I take a Zofran just to prevent as much as I can. The fatigue is still there pretty strong, but I can deal with that.

I took a belly picture today, of course (for my belly book) but it pretty much looks identical to last week's picture. I imagine that'll be the case for the next few weeks, but I guess we'll see!

We also decided to not find out what we are having until our anatomy ultrasound in March. With the money we would have spent finding out four weeks earlier we can buy a car seat... the gender scan here in town (they just this past week finally e-mailed me their prices) is a lot more than we thought it was! We'll just have to practice patience until then-I think I have color schemes for all three scenarios (boy boy, girl girl, boy girl) picked out anyway :) So-51 days to go!

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