Monday, January 10, 2011


For everyone's stalking pleasure: mostly for family, because I am always asked when my next appointment is-I updated the "upcoming stuff" tool on the right hand side (not visible if this is just in your reader). There's going to be a lot of things to keep track of in a couple of months, going to two doctors and all, so it'll help me as well!

This morning I had to call and make my next appointment at Naval, and then just an hour or so later-I was literally thinking of it when the phone rang-they called with my referral appointment to the Perinatologist. A little disappointed that we don't go until the middle of March, but thankful because that means my pregnancy has been a healthy one so far and I don't NEED the extra ones yet. That's when we'd find out what we are having-but Patrick and I kind of don't want to wait-we can go to a local place to be scanned, for a pretty cheap price, just to find out anytime after 16 weeks-so that's what Patrick is getting me for my birthday present, haha!

A month will be worth it (to me, I'm sure some of you reading will shake your head and call it unnecessary) because that's 4 weeks earlier that we can get the nursery painted and start collecting stuff as we are going to go the "used" route for things like dressers and doubles of things like the bumbo, bouncer, etc. You can't just find those items overnight! And since I plan on making the bedding and everything I can get started while I'm still feeling good. NOT being a Negative Nancy, I do NOT foresee these things happening but some people go on hospital bedrest (working my hardest to avoid that!) and Patrick can always get deployed so in this case (wouldn't be the same if we were just having one) we'd both just kind of rather have it done and out of the way so that later on we can just focus on spending some special time together as a family of three and me resting before our world is turned upside down! Again, I do NOT see any of that happening but when do people ever? Plan for the worst, hope and pray and expect the absolute best!

Energy wise I feel good today. A half hour ago I was going to write that it was a complete 360 and I'm going to get so much done-but that's changed :) I'm sleepy, but I think today I will power through-our 2010 calendar is still hanging up and since I'm getting these appointments for 2011 I better make this year's pretty quick!

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