Monday, January 3, 2011


Crampy today... the babes must be growing!

I haven't had Taco Bell since I was pregnant with Maya. After I had her and until now, it just seemed completely calorie-ridden and repulsive to me (this is after years of a love affair with the place). We were watching Food Network's show Unwrapped tonight, and Taco Bell was on it... and that's all I have been able to think about for the past hour. Kind of fortunately, it's not just a "quick" drive to go get it where it's located here. Sure it wouldn't take long, but it's not exactly just down the street. I debated hopping in the car for a second, but then reality hit and I knew that as soon as I got there, ordered, and got my delicious fresco tacos it would just repulse me. So I settled for an Edy's real fruit strawberry popsicle instead, even though that did NOT hit the spot. I'm hungry. It's late, so my motivation to do anything about it is waning. Interesting dilemma!

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