Saturday, January 8, 2011


Happy to get to this point! My next "goal" wasn't today, it's to get to the second trimester, but today is good-all vital organs are developed at this point, the embryonic period has ended and the fetal period has begun. Sigh of relief!

I look far smaller today than I did last week-or more appropriately, I can say I looked huge last week. I guess that's what I get for taking my picture at the very end of the day, with the last bit of light, right after I ate. I did get more maternity clothes this week, thanks to an awesome sale online at Motherhood, so I'll be far more comfortable when I go out (especially since I ordered another pair of Secret Fit Belly pants-soooooo cozy and well worth the investment).

Still feeling pretty nauseous and tired-hoping I can add the iron supplement back again. It caused some awful problems before so I stopped taking it but... I need to get through the day, especially when Patrick leaves! Things have changed and now we're not sure how long he'll be gone, but we're hoping for the lesser time, of course-I am NOT prepared to have to cook every day yet :) If it were up to me, I wouldn't eat at all!

We switched Maya to a big bed and put the crib in the babies' room, and today we were in there taking my picture and Maya was very interested in the crib and that the babies were going to sleep in it. She's starting to get really excited about everything, and very interested-she always wants to read her "special sister book"-I really think she's at the perfect age to be getting new siblings. I can't wait to involve her in decorating the nursery after we find out what we are having!

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AJD ∞ said...

I'm so glad you were cool with my leave a comment/tip. If I remember anything else from my cousin's pregnancy I'll let you know. I love the way your documenting your belly growth, too! What an awesome idea.