Thursday, January 27, 2011


Patrick's home! YAY! Now I don't even have to attempt to cook! Thankfully I have enough energy to clean and do laundry so I'm not AS completely worthless as before he went to Hawaii :) So glad to have him home... and so are Maya and Evie! (and my nausea!)

I think Maya left a note on my sciatic nerve for the babies saying "push here for a fun time". It's been acting up for the past couple of nights now (last night I sneezed while lying in bed and it triggered awful pain) so I walk around all hunched over. Not sure what to think of it-not sure if it's acting up so early because of the twin thing or if it's just hitting early this time around-I read a couple of places that some women who get it early on in their pregnancies have an easier time with it at the end. So for now I'll take getting it early as a small blessing, and I'll keep telling myself it'll go away-curious as to what the doctor says about it at my checkup! If it does kick in really bad we're going to have to really get on the ball with our bed situation.

Now it's almost time for bed (soooo tired!) but my stomach is screaming at me-I wonder how much jello it will take to fill me up?


This Thing I Call Life said...
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Riane Brownlee said...

SUPER happy Patrick is home :)