Thursday, January 13, 2011


Woke up today super duper crabby. Twice. I've been sleeping terribly lately-that magic at the beginning of the pregnancy is gone-I can't nap during the day or I'm in BIG trouble so I just rest, but still once I go to bed I'm there for a good two hours at least trying to fall asleep. Good thing Patrick is such a heavy sleeper-I'd drive him nuts with all of my moving around (though he doesn't help me with his snoring and teeth grinding, even with his night guard in). His alarm goes off at 5 to work out, 6 to skip the workout and go to work. Consistently I don't fall back asleep till between 7 and 8. Easy solution would be to just get up and deal-but my body needs a little more than four or five hours of sleep to function. I'm so frustrated. And tired.

On a fun note, I put up an ExpectNet poll on the right hand side of the page, same as when we were pregnant with Maya, since in 5 or 6 weeks we'll find out what we are having. It's pretty neat-it actually has a twin option so don't forget to vote for both babies! Maybe we'll do a fun little drawing for the winner this time-so why not participate?

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